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the bias and the man and her reckoning

Smile With Your Teeth

He said let's take a picture
Let all of these boys know that you're mine

I said that's alright mister
But I’m not only into guys

He just laughed and pet my head
And I felt this feeling in my stomach
A fire started to burn
But then he smiled

I knew then that I could be alright
With a man by my side.
When he smiled.
I’m alright.

He said you are ugly
I cu...

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A Women's Catharsis

I want to breathe

I want to cry

I want to live

I want to die

I want to stay out til' 7am

I want a boy that's heaven sent

I want a house

I want a car

I want to travel

But not too far

I want to laugh

I don't want to think

I want to pour myself a big fat drink

I want to dance

I want to fight

I want to see your face in morning light

I want to jump into t...

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The Feminist Friend

Everyone’s having babies

Everything’s just turned up a whole notch of crazy

They must just think I’m lazy

But I too, could really love a baby


Makes me feel quite stupid

I’ve never had luck with cupid

Life doesn’t come with a blueprint

But really did for you, kid


Never been dripping in diamonds

Couldn’t find a man to afford them

And even if he offered

I’d ...

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#friendship#feminism#love #romance #poem#women #poem#society #work #system #happy #rules #life

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