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If there's a need to 

Wake up from a dream 

(If i am in one)

I'll simply close my eyes

And will go to sleep

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The moon says goodnight 

bathed in silvery light

As I turn on my pillow,

like a weeping willow:

my dreams hang so low

So I get mine to go!

But in the waking light

of dawn

My dreams have no form

Like a murky lake of glimpses

That teases, but never convinces… 

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Respect Women, He Said

Respect Women, he said

I remember my skin was tight coming in from the low of a Maine night

When she

When she

When she

When she

Discovered my claims of

I could walk better, I ain’t in pain

But she knew something other than how my words were arranged

it were the muscles in and around my mouth, sculpting my face

Or it was the bags under my eyes

She related to when ...

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If it is

Dream tends to realize

If it is purposeful,

Flower tends to be pollinated

If it is honey-rich.




Land tends to be fertile

If it is irrigated,

Water tends to mirror

If it is translucent.


Song tends to be soothing

If it is melodious,

Script tends to be compelling

If it is story-lined.


Air tends to be breathable

If it is oxygenated,


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3 hours

day the night

pain to happiness

alone in your arms

black, white

buds, blooms

rip, leap

3 hours

this heart feels it belongs to you

my sweet dreams.

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Daydreams -- 07/2015

Time winds down

Tick tock

As I watch the clock

Days go by 

It seems

Dreams so pristine

Staring out the window

Daring to follow

You to the horizon

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