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Updated: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 12:40 am

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Thoughts of madness of the mind inspired and twisted very in the mood very lover


Deranged over the hills and far far away ashaimed of myself , on stage , getting in a state using certain words for unknown reasons, on a mission , fuck admiring mansions i show love to the flowers more , listening is totally up to you yeah , give a shit really message received loud and clear just how i like it , NOT silent and secretive in the meantime i am feeling so very lost considering the threat of mental health , trainned in a classroom for a job at a desk , with nothing to say of any interest about yourself nuff regret but still content , in a crisis , locked away to study the trembling waiting to get dumped. But its cool doing mountains when your single you know because no-one's constantly worried mind how you act . Proceed to panic sorry for being present in the moment making mental manuviours GIVE IT A REST WITH YOUR ONLINE THINGS ! please , thanks. don't get in to protesting visit an ancient museum in the head lack respect , chatting crazy to strangers on the train to Sheffield WHAT A NUTTER POINT ! The inadequacy of education helps , issues of mental health discussed call it artwork entertainment is mind controle ,thats all folks with a screw loose must be falling apart If clocktowers don't make the time important what does ? Absurd ceremony of isolation . Late again ,will not learn spinning yarns inside detention lucky mills got shut i am warned. Demoralised then Domesticated. pretending to be busy more lost up close and personal Do Not Worry I will dissapear in to the crowd afterwards, easy enough ,can't be that good ! , lucky for some everyone can be mental yeah everyday can be top ! 4 walls conditioning put in your place taught well Thinking of the posibilitie of going mad in actual fact there's a high likelihood of sadness WE ALL KNOW THAT the ordinary are incredible , just don't tell them they have been identified as prime targets mentaly ill disgrunted employee's Don't need it. Forcing a reaction vulnerable crowded public places sabotage of the mind hijacking brains full time DOOMED NOWADAYS KNOWLEDGE IS FEARED like change and the idea of us all being equal come come grow up that would only be good for the fucked up , weaving sick words in to songs inadequat person , subject or citizen moody sod your getting ignored pure they produced lots in controled environments I Do What I Am Told... Instead of heading town i locked the door twice writing too much for my own good blantantly lost in the real world uneducated moron advertising mental health Mader than the locals in the film Deliverence playing music what what i am not taking the piss , i swear i am just a bit stupid putting great safety measures in to place gathering intelligence stunning effects considering the types of threats to your mental health cordoned off appearence of a nutter. Must take security serious at all times uncertain here , disorder is'nt a myth Hopeless Pathetic Weird , Nice To Be Noticed. getting pushed on the swings by the men in white coats nice one proper uninvolved Taking You For Granted What Did You Expect Anyway Promise to feel and get carried away within a poem Being Positive Is Well Difficult Yo secret documents promote madness at the department of identitie issues packed having a mid life crisis what am i going to do ? what's the point THE MOON monitors complience Be Vigilent look for things out of place single out loners become judgemental Realise the process of dealing with suspicious items in the head confirm you are done for first thought control perception management SING ALONG HAPPY AS EVERYTHING GOES WRONG who is bothered anymore when in doubt kick off must be mad hashtag going absolutely balistic letting off steam getting pissed on a mountain Jameson's Prick Report human behaviour straight away oh yeah No Loitering , Picked On For Smiling remember bad memories Do Not Ignore ,Be Alert Feel The Need to consult us try harder , information confiscated listen carefully and make notes All Honour In Loss Of control on an expadition rocking back and forth cold Follow Procedures and be weary of those asking questions Hard To Believe In Anything Want to say i am fine , made to lie Found me trapped ruining my chances i know what i mean. secure windows locked T.V is on of course at least i am a mess and can relate to what i'm seeing by the way when i am nasty i blaime growing up too fast Be Unattended can't choose a career interfeared with emotionaly maybe drifting further away mental snobs I Know we have things in common I Am losing the plot with the will and means to go fairly mental Should Artist's Entertain ? TRUE OR FALSE ?

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by SPACEGHOST

the temptation of witchcraft (07/01/2013)

chemical machanics; part two ; knowing enough to understand no one will care (09/12/2012)

chemical machanics; part one ; the theory and practice of oligarchical collectivism (09/12/2012)


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Katy Megan Hughes

Wed 17th Apr 2013 22:11

Thank you space ghost. I think the temptation of witchcraft is my favourite of yours! Katy

tony sheridan

Thu 27th Sep 2012 15:54

Have had a listen to all your audios. Hard hitting, like it, more please. Take care, Tony.

<Deleted User> (4254)

Thu 3rd May 2012 18:14

Stokes Croft or Gloucester Road familiar? recognise name/profile pic

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Barbi Touron

Sun 19th Feb 2012 04:37

i dig your writing, i'm still reading but wanted to say hi. cheers

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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 30th Jan 2012 19:11

Hi spaceghost.

I always read your work, although I can't say I fully understand all of it and feel hesitant to comment. Perhaps that's understandable as most of your writing seems extremely personal. You have an interesting and unique "voice." I hope you won't be offended, but I want to ask you if you ever write poetry that isn't first-person, i.e not about you and your own experiences?

Often people are reluctant to comment on "personal" poetry, perhaps because it almost seems like an intrusion into someone's personal thoughts and feelings.


Profile image

Ann Foxglove

Mon 24th Oct 2011 10:04

Thanks for listening to Do the Write Thing, I'm really touched! At least that means about 12 people heard it! :) I've never been on the radio before and it was really enjoyable. The studio is smaller than most people's bathrooms, and gets really hot. Last Friday Sue and I were on with a guitarist and a bongo drum player. And all the mics got tangled up! But it was great! Keep writing!! I really like your poems very much. Wish you got more feedback. Maybe if you commented on some other people's poems they would read yours? But perhaps that's not important to you. Anyway, stay well my friend!

Profile image

Ann Foxglove

Tue 13th Sep 2011 19:05

You are rapidly becoming one of my fave poets on here (big deal maybe! - but I mean it!!)

<Deleted User> (9641)

Sun 28th Aug 2011 19:09

WOW, what can I say to that... You show alot of emotion in your thoughts and bring them across quite strongly. You explain life as you find it... Well done! ;-) BY the way, I was commenting on your 'sample'.

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 24th Jul 2011 15:45

Welcome to WOL. I have read all your poems on here and I think they are interesting and full of passion.

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