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Hello everyone. this is salford man.and I am 72 years old I am a quiet person and a private one I have had words in my head for years poems and songs I dont know where they come from but I just keep writing them down.


CORONA. Have you heard, something,s going round. People are dying, falling to the ground. There,s a killer on the loose, that does,nt make a sound. It goes by the name of Corona. Starts out,with a cough like cold, then your body begins to feel old, and you cant get your breath, cause your lungs start to fold That,s when you,ve got, Corona. So where does it come from, whats it doing here. Corona,s got the whole world, living in fear. People are dying,falling to the floor, can somebody find a cure. Yes where does it come from, what can we do. Ordinary people, like me and you. Living in sorrow,living in fear. Knowing that Corona,s here, Corona..... We did,nt know ,we did,nt realise, It just came upon us, right before our eyes then it spread like the wind, and took the world by surprise, goes by the name of Corona, So we know it,s hard, but try and do your best, Listen to the words of the N.H.S. keep yourself safe and keep yourself clean, and lets go to war with COVID 19. So, where does it come from, whats it doing here, Corona,s got the whole world living in fear, people are dying falling to the floor, can somebody find a cure, Please.. somebody find a cure. CORONA.........


9-11 Started out a lovely morning, people waking up and yawning, looking forward to a brand new day. Flowers blooming everywhere, and birds are singing in the air, everyone just going there own way. Then something happened in the sky, and everyone began to cry, screaming out not knowing what to say. The devil came to New York City, flew right in and took no pity, waved his hand and took our friends away, Yes...Started out with such a lovely day. Now many years has passed us by, and people keep on asking why, why the devil came to our front door. Living with there pain and sorrow, living for a new tomorrow, praying that the devil comes no more. So to all the souls from 9-11, may they rest in peace in heaven, gone but not forgotten in our lives. Someones daughter,someones mother, someones son,someones brother, someones husbands and there lovely wives, Gone...but not forgotten in our lives, YES...It started out with such a lovely day.. SALFORDMAN


Firelight. 1 Funny little shadows, I can see them all, Running round the ceiling, Even round the wall, Lighting up the darkness, In a winters night, Get ready, Here,s the answer, The flickering firelight. p.s check out the first letter of every line. Salfordman

My Love

MY LOVE. 2 My dearest love, This poem is for you. To tell you I love you, so dear and so true. To tell you I need you , and how much I care. Forever and a day, I.ll always be there. I know at the moment, were living apart, But together or not, your love rules my heart. I know that one day, sometime in this life. We,ll both take our vows, and become, man and wife. p.s. I love you. Salfordman


TREASURE. 3 We watched the harbour fade away, within the morning mist. Our women cried,with dispair, when we said farewell and kissed. We set out for the open sea, steady as she goes. Many a man has not returned, what happened ,no one knows. We reached our destination, it was good to be alive. We got prepared,though we were scared, but still we made the dive. We searched below for quite some time, looking for the wreck. There she lay,it seemed to shine, as we swam aboard her deck. We searched the cabins through the night, our bodies numb with cold. Then I found it,bedded tight, our treasure chest of gold. Salfordman

Just realised

JUST REALISED 4 . I cant see the day, and I cant see the night. I cant see the moon, and I cant see sunlight. I cant see the stars, which shine so bright. Why cant I see---"Daylight". I cant see the trees, as they climb so high. I cant see the mountains, touching the sky. I cant hear the birds, as they whistle in flight, Why cant I see---"Daylight". I cant feel the cold , and I cant feel the warm. I cant feel the rain, creating a storm. I cant hear the thoughts, from the brain in my head. O,h my god, Iv,e just realised. I,M DEAD. Salfordman.

Our love

OUR LOVE. 7 Such a love could not exist, I dream that every night we kissed, And music came from who knows where, Bringing love to the midnight air. Bringing love for all to see, Bringing love for you and me. No, such a love could not exist, On the night I dreamed,you and I kissed. Salfordman.

Elephant man.

Elephant Man. Lost,Lost and afraid. In a world full of people, In a time so delayed. Caged and beaten, Like a beast without fear, My Heart cries for tenderness, While my eyes shed a tear. Afraid to look,Afraid to stare, But no one seems to know, My ugliness reaches, beyond repair, I,m the star of a one man show. Day after day,Year after Year, Dragged,From place to place, The Women vomet, as I appear, As they look upon my face. My Heart cries out, I,m a man,,,I,m a man, Not an animal,not a creep, Dear Lord I pray,I pray to you, Take my life,And let me sleep... Salfordman.

Hell and Getting dressed.

HELL. 8 Hell, what is hell,a disturbing word, Fills us with fear,the moment it,s heard, We have this feeling in our soul, That heaven lies far above, And hell is a bottomless hole, Hell is death,Hell is pain, Fear it and be wise, And when you go to sleep at night, Pray that you will rise.. HELL END,S LIVING LIFE. Salfordman. -------------------------------------------------------------- GETTING DRESSED. 9 I wake up in the morning, still tired from evening sleep. I slowly stretch my arms out wide, as I watch the morning creep. Creep into my window, with a sound I,ve often heard. The wind swept branches,from the trees, the whistling of a bird. Slowly rising from my bed, knowing what I must do. Jump into a nice hot shower, refreshing my body through. Now I,m clean and feeling sweet, my clothes perfectly pressed. I start the early morning feat, and begin to get me dressed. Salfordman.

Love to write.

LOVE TO WRITE. 10 I would love to write some poetry, or maybe write a song. Letters from the alphabet, making words,short and long. Words put into sentences, to be read in perfect time. Words that have some meaning, and occasionally rhyme, Perhaps I,ll write some lyrics, and create a brand new song. Then I,ll write some music, for together they belong. Yes I,d love to write some poetry, for my dreams it would fulfil, But placing words is very hard, so I guess I never will. Salfordman.

On my porch.

ON MY PORCH. 11 Sitting here on my porch, resting in my chair. Listening to the singing birds, flying through the air. Swooping down,collecting food, to last them through the day. Once they have dined and had there fill, they quickly fly away. Sitting here on my porch, It,s amazing what you see. Working ants doing there chores, and chameleons up the tree. Now I,m looking at the sea, just across the green, It,s waves are dancing to the shore, so beautiful and clean. Yes sitting here on my porch, with nothing else in mind. But just to let the day go by, and leave my cares behind. Salfordman.


HANGOVER. 12 I,m doing my best , to get some rest, while sitting on my chair. But someone keeps on nagging me, whose sitting over there. Cant they see,my brain is dead, my body has no will. I was drinking homebrew wine last night, more than my normal fill. Perhaps if I just close my eyes, pretend that there not here. And if they don,t respond and move along, I,m going for another beer "CHEERS". Salfordman.

Going on holiday.

GOING ON HOLIDAY. 13 Going on holiday,packing up the bags. Keeping out of mothers way, you know she always nags. All exited with the thought, of playing in the sand. Must remember to take care, and not get out of hand. Were on our way,nearly there. It,s going to be sunny. But my mother,s going to shout, when she finds out, My dad,s forgot the money. Salfordman.

Christmas Tree.

CHRISTMAS TREE. 14 Dressing up the Christmas tree, lots of pretty things. Chocolate covered Santa clause, pretty golden rings. Cotton wool we use for snow, to make it snowy white. Silver string,and bells that ring, glittering in the night. Christmas comes but once a year, so be a little glad. Give presents to the ones so dear, like dear old mam and dad. Salfordman.

I Think.

I THINK. 15 It seems like I,ve been looking, but nothing I can find. I feel like I,ve been taken, yet still I,m left behind. I feel I,m standing over here, yet I,m standing over there. I know I,m going places, but I just cant think of where. Tomorrow maybe coming, and yesterday has gone. Today is happening, here and now. as time is passing on. My thoughts are very private, I could never ever share. They start off very gentle, then become a big nightmare. I could write my thoughts forever, but I dont know what to say. So I,ll put my pen and paper down, and lock it all away.I THINK.


LONELINESS. 16 A feeling of fear, Thinking of someone you really love, wishing they were near. A feeling full of emptiness deep within your soul, Waiting for the final part," to play", your final roll. I cant explain the loss of love, a feeling from the heart. Devastation and despair, when two lovers part. If you could see them, one more time. Just to see there smile, Then all the loneliness you endure, would all be worth it,s while. Salfordman.

My first flight.

MY FIRST FLIGHT. 17 The nearest Iv,e been to heaven, is when I filled my body with fear. It was on a 757, and I was sitting at the rear. It went like lightening through the sky, and gave my tummy some grief. And then we had to land again, when we got to tenerife. Once again we start to climb, heading for the sky. Hoping everything is safe, and the pilot can really fly. But all went well, I,m glad to say. I got rid of my frustration. As we landed safely, in the sun. And reached our destination. THANK GOD. Salfordman.

The Tree.

THE TREE. 18 The tree I see before me, has it,s own erotic charms. It stands so high,spreading wide, It,s drooping claw like palms. It sits within a garden, very neatly hedged. And in the middle ,high above, are coconuts tightly wedged. Yes the tree that stands before me, have you guessed what it can be. Yes, your right, you,ve found it out. It,s a beautiful green palm tree. Salfordman.

The Bee.

THE BEE. 19 It came from out of nowhere, I could,not believe me eyes. About as big as a golf ball, with wings, to my surprise, Buzzing round my window, buzzing round my head. And if I tried to kill it, I,d best make sure it,s dead. Watching where it,s flying, with concern upon my face. But it just inspected all around, and flew to a different place. Salfordman.


RUNNING. 20 Gone again,on my own, left without a trace. Once again, all alone, lost in a lonely place. All my family, all my friends, all been pushed aside. Being afraid to show my love, so I run away and hide. Why do I feel so much pain, praying to be free. Like Dr jeckle and Mr hide, I feel the devil in me. Now my time is close at hand, never to run no more. Ready for my final journey, when death comes to my door. SALFORDMAN.


OUT OF THE WINDOW. 21 It,s beautiful so beautiful, just to look out. Out of your window, and round about. To watch the mist, as it clears from the sky. Feeling the sun, as it catches your eye. There,s two little birds , perched high above. And two dancing squirrels, I,m sure there in love. The shades of green, I see all around. From the top of the trees, to the grass on the ground. Yes it,s beautiful so beautiful, just to look out, out of your window, and round about. SALFORDMAN.


DO I BELIEVE. 22 You often ask me, do I believe in fate. Or do I believe in heaven, with it,s golden pearly gate. Do I believe in the father, the son and the holy ghost. Yes you often ask me , what I believe in most. "So I will tell you. I believe in fate, for it led me straight to you. And heaven is being beside you, knowing your love is true. As for the father,son and holy ghost, put together means god above. So I say I believe in all of them, for they all brought me your love. SALFORDMAN..


ANOTHER DAY. 23 A mist is settled, with the morning breeze. Blowing through,the still like trees. Settled on the brow of the lawn, another day comes, with the break of dawn. A whistling sound,arouses my mind, and a shiver runs down me, like someone behind. I turned to see, an awakened lark, welcoming daylight,just after dark. Yes the night as gone, gone far away, and life begins,with another day. Salfordman.


MY QUESTION,S. 24 I do believe in something, but what, I could,nt say. Is it really heaven above, "or a dream", from a primative day. And was there really, such a god, or a trickster who could boast. Do you believe it was the father, son, and holy ghost. And what of adam a wonderous creature, for nature to achieve. But was it really natural, to love his sister eve. O,h yes, I do believe there,s something, but what, I could,nt say. Will I ever find the answer, and know to whome I pray. SALFORDMAN.


This was a sad and funny song which I wrote but I dont know where to send songs, So I changed it to a sad and funny tale, please dont be offended by the title.HERE GOES. I took a little walk with my new girlfriend, we were going to the countryside. We were going to make love for the very first time, so we needed a place to hide. We come across a nice place deep in the woods, we were feeling a little tense. But the only thing was,we could,nt get there because, it was lay behind a six foot fence. I tried to get my leg over, just could,nt get my leg over....the fence. So we walked a little further deep in the woods, and my girlfriend was getting hot. Then we looked down a valley and it looked pretty good could it be the perfect spot. So we trenched through the bushes, and we trenched through the trees, then we could,nt see nothing at all. Cause when we got there, to our dispair, It was stuck behind a great big wall. I tried to get my leg over, just could,nt get my leg over...the wall. So I took my new girlfriend by the hand, and said lets call it a day. We set off walking back through the woods, but went a different way. then we took a little rest, by a beautiful stream it looked a little deep and wide. And there it was, the perfect place, right accross the other side O,h No, I tried to get a jump over, just could,nt get a jump over...the stream. Now there,s a solution to this little tale and it,s not all doom and gloom. Just go and ring a bell, at a little hotel, and get yourselves a room,,,okay. SALFORDMAN.

Four Quickies.

. 1. If I had a penny, I would give it to the poor. It would make them very happy, even though they need much more. I,d help them with there ups and downs, I,d help them with there needs. And maybe god will love me, for doing such good deeds. 2 I tried to climb a mountain, without a single tool. I had no hope without a rope, I must of looked a fool. As I climbed up to the top, I fell and gave a scream. Then I woke up and realised, It was just another dream. 3 I wonder what would happen, if I jumped into the sky. Would I fall and hurt myself, or would I learn to fly. People leave it up to us, at least thats what iv,e heard. So hear I go, wish me luck, after all, I am just a bird. 4 All different kinds of animals, playing in the wood, Some of them are bad ones, some of them are good. Some of them are fearless, some of them are shy. But all will go to heaven, on the day they die. SALFORDMAN.


Counting the days ,untill you are here. If there is ten, I,ll start from ten, hoping we,ll soon meet again. If there is nine, I,ll start from nine, praying that you,ll soon be mine. If there is eight, I,ll start from eight, waiting for that special date. If there is seven, I,ll start from seven, knowing that it will be heaven. If there is six, I,ll start from six, marking every day with ticks. If there is five, I,ll start with five, forever our love will stay alive. If there is four, I,ll start with four, for you are the one, who I adore. If there is three, I,ll start with three, I,ll always hold you tenderly. If there is two, I,ll start with two. knowing it,s only me and you. But if there is one, I,ll be over the moon, So I,ll wait at the station, cause you,ll be there soon. HURRY UP. Salfornman.


I met her just the other day, simply just by chance. I nearly passed her, on my way, but I took a second glance. I new her many years ago, she was in a different life. Someone else,s lady, someone else,s wife. But fate has brought her back to me, to make a brand new start. To take away the tears I see, the tears within her heart. She said that she still likes me, to me that sounds just fine. But I hope to turn her likeness, into love, and make her mine. I.ll tell her that I love her, I,ll tell her that I care. And if she takes me in her heart, for always, I,ll be there. Salfordman.

My Picture.

I have a picture of my daughter, hanging on the wall. She,s only three or four years old, and very very small. Her hair is orban, just like mine, so innocent is her smile. I,m glad I took that picture now, I will treasure it all the while. Now the years have gone by quickly, and my daughter is now a mother. She too has a picture on the wall, of her daughter, and her little brother. Which means that I am getting old, but I dont think thats so bad. For the picture on my daughter,s wall, makes me there own grandad. Salfordman.

Christmas Eve.

Take a look through your window, there,s something you must know. All the street, and the houses, are covered up with snow. Shadows from the moonlight, shine through your window pane, Did you know, it,s Christmas eve again. Take a look through your window, just for one more time. Listen to the church bells, listen how they chime. Ringing for tomorrow, because of Christmas day. But it,s Christmas eve this evening, and Santa,s on his way. O,h yes It,s Christmas Eve once more, yes It,s Christmas Eve once more. All gods little children, are cuddled up so tight, for they know , father Christmas comes tonight. So let us pray everybody, pray for us to find, All gods little children that Christmas leaves behind. Tell them that we love them, and let them know we care. And tell them that it,s Christmas Eve , and Santa will be there. Yes tell them thats it,s Christmas Eve, and Santa will be there.. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. Salford Man..

Our Divorce.

The parting of me and you, the breaking of our sacred vows, we pledged forever to be so true. was it all because of silly rows The ending of our families, who we both love and adore. Will we end up being strangers, like we,ve never met before. Goodbye my love, Goodbye my love, I guess its time to part. But you,ll always be a part of me, a secret in my heart. And if by chance,we should meet, in many years ahead. Maybe we can find our love, our love we thought was dead. Salford Man.

When I was Alive.

I hated this life, I hatet this time. I was born as a poet, to put words to rhyme. I wrote words of hatred, and I wrote words of love, I wrote words of hell, and heaven above. I wrote words of life, and the friends that I new, not forgetting there loyalties, which came, from so few. I was,nt an angel,a saint or a king, O,h I forgot,,I wrote words to sing. If only they knew, I was just flesh and blood, who died just doing, the best that he could. Salfordman.

Just Met.

I know I only met you, just a while ago. But the lovely smile upon your face, gave my heart a glow. It gave me such a feeling, I have never felt before. It was like a ray of sunshine, coming through my door. So please believe me, when I say, we,ll never ever part. For I know I,m going to love you, from the bottom of my heart. Salfordman.


Have you ever stopped to listen, to what your love ones say. Before you go off wondering, endlessly on your way. Hurting everyone, in your path, for protection of your pride. And NO,, The grass is never greener, on the other side. So, before you go off in a rage, and pack your things to roam. Just tell yourself,that what you seek, is waiting here at home. Salfordman

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keith jeffries

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 07:53

Hello Salfordman,

Welcome to WOL. I enjoyed your poems and look forward to more. I am also 72 and started to write poetry about ten years ago. This site is a good place to post your poems and receive comments. I wish you well.


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Jeff Dawson

Tue 4th Aug 2020 19:15

Hiya mate, welcome to WOL, enjoying your poems - add any new ones by making a new blog entry, other poets can comment better then. Hope you get some good feedback, best wishes Jeff ?

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