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Mikhail Smith

Updated: Tue, 18 Jun 2019 10:15 am

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In error my young father, born in Russia, descended into Liverpool thinking everyone would speak French. Realising this was not Le Havre he quickly learnt English with a strange scouse accent. My young mother worked at the Pier Head in the café where all the buses came and went. This has all gone now. About a year later I was born on the Crosby sands when they’d gone for a picnic and completely mis-timed my arrival. At school, re-taking some exams, the new English teacher, inspired by my stoicism, gave me a book to read. It was ‘Clockwork Orange’. Three years later I walked into Lewis’s store on Ranelagh Street to have my usual cigarette and coffee with the rest of the lads while we waited for the slow train. Before I ascended the escalator to the top floor café I noticed this man in a large coat looking along the books on the shelves. It was Adrian Henri. I walked over and perused the books nearby watching him make a choice. My attention was caught by a strange cover showing a sketch of four characters in a line. One of them was a cat holding a gun, the title announced ‘The Master and Margarita’. I took it with me and followed Adrian to the cash till. .......


Four years later I was living with a girl in Bootle. She had a collection of books. And so on .. And so on .. And so on … so it goes .. poo-tee-weet .. I will use my mother’s name.

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Lynn Hamilton

Mon 6th Apr 2015 13:32

Thank you for your comments Mikhail much appreciated. If I ever did, there would be no need to pay!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 18th Sep 2014 13:16

How did you come across 'To plumb the depth of soul....'? I remember sharing it recently with someone, quite personally. Was that you?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 26th Jul 2014 16:49

Mikhail, I shall go back and read more of your work. I don't know how I missed it before.

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 25th Jul 2014 17:23

...thanks for that speedy response Mikhail- I webbed the word and it was confusing and awful. Tommy

ps I was born in Liverpool and still am (born) and living there. Lewis's and all- (been thrown out of the cafe for messing about)

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 2nd Nov 2013 16:28

Many happy returns - personal and poetical!
Briefly returning to your "gate" poem - it also
brought to mind the Tennyson poem about
"Crossing The Bar" - an additional reason for
liking it.

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Charlie Preston

Fri 5th Apr 2013 14:16

Also, I love your Bio.

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Charlie Preston

Fri 5th Apr 2013 14:14

Hi, thank you for your comment on my poem.

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Alison Mary Dunn

Tue 11th Dec 2012 14:52

Tx Mikhail, you've turned the mood of 'blank' upside down. Like it a lot! :)

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 10th Dec 2012 00:04

haha indeed ;o)

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 9th Dec 2012 16:18

Hi Mikhail, welcome to WOL, sorry for delay in replying to cadence Qs, if you want to add me on facebook I can keep you informed of future events in addition to info on here.

I also organise Bolton poetry noghts if you fancy that, been very busy lately but will catch up with your work soon, cheers Jeff

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Sun 9th Dec 2012 12:50

Wow, that's impressive if you wrote it in a few minutes - I take weeks to get something/anything down. I hope the dark cloud descends more often if it makes you write like that. Jade x

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 6th Dec 2012 19:25

Thanks so much for comments (Dowser)- have just added an audio (but it's a bit "thrummy"). I know just what you mean about Houdini - but then, maybe he just couldn't do it? We cross our fingers and hope maybe...

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Katy Megan Hughes

Tue 20th Nov 2012 12:50

Lol! I was flying British Airways!!


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Alison Mary Dunn

Sun 4th Nov 2012 11:08

Mikhail, thank you so much x

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Dave Bradley

Tue 30th Oct 2012 07:55

Hi Mikhail

Welcome to WOL. I very much like your stuff. I inhabit Crosby for my sins. Are you still there?

Also read The Master and Margarita not so long ago. What a strange book.

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winston plowes

Fri 26th Oct 2012 12:09

Hi there, thx for the comments on my rochdale poem. received and understood. Win

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Thu 25th Oct 2012 09:52

Mikhail, thanks a lot for the comment, glad you liked the website stuff. I hope to keep adding more as life goes on...

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 23rd Oct 2012 14:57

I haven't read it tho I did try - it was my dad's fave book but he had a copy where the paper is practically transparent and the print is really tiny so I gave up! As far as I remember it was an autobiography that started practically in the womb - written as if he remembered everything. I really like your poems btw - hope you get more feedback. One way (if you want feedback of course!) to get to know people on here is to comment on other people's stuff. But it's up to you of course.

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Tom Harding

Mon 15th Oct 2012 20:41

Thanks Mikhail. Glad it resonated.

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 14th Oct 2012 09:18

Hi Mikhail - welcome to WOL. Interesting poems! Look forward to many reading more.

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