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Divided City, Divided Land?

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Divided City, Divided Land?

In hope, the Peace Bridge spans the majestic Foyle
Although the sectarian divide is plain to see
Since our time there, it's difficult to imagine
the tragic events that hit Derry City,
or Londonderry depending on your allegiance if any

The death of Lyra McKee, on Good Friday of all days
has rocked the city to the core
The loss of Lyra, a child of the peace process
Lyra, the epitomy of freedom and tolerance
Lyra, the face of humanity, that so many crave
has left most lost for words

But in Derry today a glimmer of hope
Hollow apologies do little for the terrorist's cause
Revulsion on all sides of the divide
'You've got blood on your hands' they cry

With pride the ordinary folk take to the streets
No fear of the terrorists they draw the line
Their message to them
It's in your name, not mine

At her funeral in Belfast
Lyra's message of hope is cast
As thousands join hands
in this divided land
In turn, we hope her dreams come to pass...

Peace and love to all who inhabit this land...

Jeff Dawson April 2019


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Jeff Dawson

Fri 26th Apr 2019 06:12

Mckee, Tommy - thanks all for all your comments, a needless loss of life but yes MC there's a certain irony in that their actions could have the opposite result of their intentions, we live in hope ...

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 25th Apr 2019 13:52

Brutal deeds invariably come from brutish minds, with an inability to
understand how they can cause a "coming together" of others to
oppose the nihilism their deeds represent. Well captured in these
lines. Hope springs eternal - as the saying goes.

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 25th Apr 2019 12:41

Who's Lyra?

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Wayne McLellan

Wed 24th Apr 2019 23:03

Well said. Hopefully out of such a tragedy the seeds of hope, tolerance and unity will grow.

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 24th Apr 2019 21:55

Poignant words for a tragedy.

J. x

<Deleted User> (21487)

Wed 24th Apr 2019 19:59

Such a chilling poem about a truly tragic event - i hope the last line holds true.


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