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That was a big house

Came down out the sky

And in the end it fell on me

Just my sparkly shoes to show

 I really have been so wicked

A young girl now is wearing

My sparkly shoes,

Clicking her heels and feeling fine

She thinks I am dead, but

In this invisibility of middle age

I am enjoying the privacy

And the pleasure of knowing

I don’t need sparkly shoes

Because there is 'no place' like home

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Sat 23rd Mar 2013 11:36

so found a fun thing on the internet that translated the poem into gangsta rap :)

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Thursdizzle 13th January 2011 7:16 pm (first posted Wednesdizzle 12th January 2011 11:53 pm)
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That was a funky-ass big-ass house

Came down up tha sky

And up in tha end it fell on me

Just mah sparkly Nikes ta show

I straight-up done been so wicked

A lil' hoe now is bustin

I be a gangsta yo, but y'all knew dat n' mah sparkly shoes,

Clickin her heels n' feelin fine

Biatch be thinkin I be dead yo, but

In dis invisibilitizzle of middle age

I be enjoyin tha privacy

And tha pleasure of knowing

I don’t need sparkly shoes

Because there is 'no place' like homie

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Sun 16th Jan 2011 11:45

a haiku written by a freind that saw my poem :)

Who has size 3 feet?
That is not a proper foot
Bollox to it all

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Rachel Bond

Sat 15th Jan 2011 02:35

thanks for the acknowledgement :)
I actually have a pair of ruby sparkly slippers that I have worn only once for a very special do. now they are incased in a glass cabinet with their matching sparkly purse and a banksy graffiti piece picturing dorothy's basket being raided by the police drug squad. (the real banksy not our (phony) banksy!)along with some salt pepper shakers painted with the american flag. The whole thing is a postmodernist masterpiece depicting notions of home, stability, glamour and deception for the modern woman.
So im really pleased that somehow we have exchanged ideas on a space/ time thought continuium. Wow.Laura is also in on it as she took all the drugs ;)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 13th Jan 2011 19:48

Very funny and well-written. Doing a 'take' on extended characters is always super fun. I did get that 'no place like home' is likely self-realization; I must be wide awake tonight.

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 19:13

thanks for your comments , i think this poem was inspired by rachaels time machine poem , although it took me a night to realise that . yes all those things i suppose isobel , and laura :) although i have always been fairly unintoxicated, i have pursued other pleasures with remarkable vigour . i might struggle to explain that i mean there is 'no place' like home , that home is now within me ? prapps mebee ?

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 17:38

Derrrr - you're right - I'm generalising again - those patterns just applied to an awful lot of people I've known. Perhaps that's because they are conformists without realising it. I won't get onto biological driving factors....

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Laura Taylor

Thu 13th Jan 2011 16:15

Speak for yourself Isobel! When I were a young lass, my driving needs amounted to finding/stealing enough money for drugs and booze ;D

One of my all time fave films that though shoeless, think we've talked about this. I was, and still am, entranced by those shoes...

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 12:37

One I can appreciate on a number of levels. There are a lot of things driving a younger woman. Need to have a career (sometimes), need to have family (preceeded by need to find a partner), need to build a home etc etc.Once you've been there and done all that, it is kind of nice to sit back and think phew - there are benefits to being unpressured. I would agree also, that there is no place like home.

I love the metaphors used. Would disagree on just one point. Keep the sparkly shoes - for middle age doesn't have to equate to invisibility :)

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Wed 12th Jan 2011 23:55

i have no idea :) but it felt like a good thing to write

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