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Level the fields

mark them out

provide an entry roundabout


put up flags

design the plots

split the haves from the have nots


put in some clouds

a distant view

just to remind us of times gone by


when rural ways

were justified

with no developers satisfied


expand your online catalogue

never mind the waterlog

where you can you always will


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His balcony doors open out

onto the sparkling Thames.

A reflection show his Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt

Yves St. Laurent belt and slacks

crocodile effect shoes

before he half turns to make a comment. 


From the apartment block

the ink hardly dry on the deeds

we look across to the far bank

where beer from historic pubs

spills ungraciously on to grass.


Shame, ...

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It has taken a million years to get its jacket a perfect green

and now we call it a bluebottle

a comparatively recent term. 

Our prejudice is complete

when we observe 

its choices of what to eat. 

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A love made stronger

through desperation and fear

      not a word spoken between them

      at the airport lounge. 


Arrival with belongings on his back

the pale young man clasping the other

bigger, stronger, equally bereft. 


Fugitives from normality

deprived of rights

haunted by separated lonely nights


and now the questions begin

why and how,


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Let's be clever today

make our mark on the world,

flex our muscles like Darcy Bussell's

let's throw caution away. 


Let's be extra strong

not mince our words for a change,

make advances, take some chances

whether they're right or wrong. 


Let's be superfine

bordering on the divine,

don't take no for an answer

let's discover a wine. 


Let's combine ou...

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My name is Dr. Moreau

I hope you'll come tomorrow to see

in the laboratory of my garden

how I create life from seeds and other sources. 


I have plants that meaow

some that bow wow their heads

when the sun goes in. 

Carnivorous corms

irises with wings,

roses with fingers instead of stamens

these are a few of my feverish things. 


Compost mixed from eye of n...

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