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If I could send you fragrance in a thought

click and send a perfect blend

with words and picture on the wing

to a blissful journey's end

then I would willingly sell my soul

for a magic ride on the juggernaut.

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Jiving through the forest

here comes Tolkien Lord of Bling,

describing what he sees himself

and bending everything


spreading out his message

of the folk of middle earth

he's the daddy of the feverish

he's cool and he's the king. 


All his tales are solemn

he says the way it is

the devil what is Golom

is making quite a fizz.


Bilbo and the Frodo are


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There is a chord in the repertoire

that once struck or plucked

produces instant orgasm in the listener.

Dedication is essential

and the dangers are obvious

of stroke and seizure, 

Nevertheless with diligence it can be found. .


Sadly the only musicians to discover it

have died before it could be revealed. 

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Watering the plants

we are taking control in small ways,

a diversion from the passing of days 


self adminstering tiny chances of life

even if not our own

though we know some seeds will not survive. 


They look up to me from their silly pots,

look up from soiled pillows eager for succour

like the mouths of fledglings


clinging on to moments

that persist wh...

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In nineteen forty five

the seeds of peace were planted,

in nineteen ninety five

the soil of memory was turned



then turned again this very day

ageing victory as stiff as clay


With Winnie's brilliant blundering

the bombs they came a thundering

to decimate what men put up

ignoring bees and buttercup. 


Now we foster tiny plants

to test our trust in ...

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A man like me could have really been something,

standing out from the crowd,

but as I was pedalling the chain came off

so i'm posting on Write out Loud


to give my views on this and that

putting it into rhyme,

to add my mental footprint

on the slippery sands of time. 

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This is the figure I had in mind, he said

pressing the folded note discreetly into my hand.


With calculated delicacy he awaited my response. 

An offer just south of acceptable


but I agreed

as there would be more work,


we shook on it


I left his yard. 


The petrol filler hole on his hired box van

stuffed with a rag I noticed

told a story.



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