Nothing is Vegan

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Sounding smug he said
“Nothing is vegan” as if he
had stated a truth revealed by God.

And I remembered a story about a
Buddhist monk who started each day
with a prayer for all the living beings
he would kill or harm just by
existing on the Earth.

He said simply walking,
or even breathing,
would surely cause and
perpetuate suffering.

He could have said, I guess,
everything is harmful,
so it’s no use even trying
to save the animals from suffering.

Instead, he prayed daily for
compassion and kindness,
ate only plants, and
lived as simply as possible.

He still perpetuated some suffering,
and the world continued its cruelty,
but somehow his entreaties for
compassion and peace never ceased.

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Randy Horton

Thu 12th Dec 2019 06:35

Thanks. I hope that accepting that I cause harm helps me to have more humility.

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Wed 11th Dec 2019 21:57

Beautiful Randy. Reminds me of the mass awakening that is happening in the dark. Progress. ❤️

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