Back in the Middle Again

She’d always walk up and start talking
as if you were already in the middle
of a conversation. At first, I’d ask her
what the Hell she was talking about,
but I soon learned her explanations
were too long and circuitous to be of
any value. Best to just wait it out,
and eventually the picture would
come into focus. You’d suddenly
get it—like a Faulkner novel,
and then you’d start thinking how
Faulkner probably knew someone
just like her, and it wasn’t about
Freud’s stream of consciousness;
it was just about the way some people
talk. I mean, how they tell a story,
and you start to realize the most
interesting stories are the ones that
seem to have no point at all.
You start to think you could tell
a story like that. You’re thinking how
it would be greater than Faulkner and
all that when she puts her hand on
your shoulder and says, “Slow down, partner,
you done lost me a long time ago.
A Hell of a long time ago. “

faulknerfreudstream of consciousness

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Randy Horton

Wed 20th Nov 2019 02:15

Thanks, Rich and Ray.

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Tue 19th Nov 2019 16:40

Love this; can see it, too.

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Tue 19th Nov 2019 16:37

Hi Randy; some twist of fate has me trawling WOL in a desperate attempt to find poems of merit. My instincts are correct, and your piece is a master stroke and has a long coherent measure that draws a perfect picture of what we've all experienced . I'm so glad I've seen what I suspected in writing, going some way to ease a troubled mind like mine, and with just the right injection of humour.


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