Depression is a question of stamina

Depression is a question
of stamina. We know how to win.
Build walls and fill them with light
even as darkness batters the barricades,
threatening a wholesale invasion. So we turn on more lights,

call more friends, play, dance, and work, work, work.

This isn’t mania,
unless swimming to shore
in a river of white-water rapids is also mania.

We’re strong,
and we can make it.
We just need a break from the madness.
Maybe a few moments rest. Just a little quiet?

And that’s it.
It’s over.
The lights have gone out.
The music has gone off.
The food is tasteless.
The walls have crumbled.

The weighted black blanket presses comfortably
on the chest. And there we are.

Immobile and secure.

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Randy Horton

Mon 6th Jan 2020 22:31

Thanks, Rich.

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Mon 6th Jan 2020 20:15

Good poem. The strength of people always amazes me.

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Randy Horton

Mon 6th Jan 2020 19:07

Thanks, Po. I love "a different shadow to accompany me," too.

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