Nineteen Meters

There, seated at one of the bleachers,

Far distant from me, nineteen meters.

There, a girl before you,

Like a piece of a broken tableau.


For me, it was likely,

A vision, pain with no remedy,

Loud laughs, so clear in view,

Nineteen meters away, such a milieu.


Just heartful days ago,

The pair of your eyes never forego,

What was seen in the sight of me,

Such naivety or beauty maybe.


Today, how gloom grinned at me,

Your emotions not meant for me.

Such a fool I was on your eyes,

There frozen as hard as ice.


This moment you chose to overlook,

Every chances you never took,

In my appearance, dared not to stare,

Those former glances we used to share.


Damn! How gracious your eyes were,

Trading smiles and glares with her.

On my seat, chain on my ankle fetters,

Like a statue apart from you, nineteen meters. 



Broken heartunrequited love

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