Once Upon A Dream

The night sparkled with a dream,

As I crept closer towards my bed's cloak,

Covering the mist of the evening's tears,

Warmth, I felt,

And in the Wonderland,

I wander.


There he is again,

Carrying the loveliest of red roses,

A bouquet meant for love,

Prickly, I thought,

Only smoothness, I feel,

Even his hands vanish the thorns.


He holds my hand so tight,

And asks, "Can I have this dance?"

"Yes..." calmly I reply,

Hiding deep within, I, bursting,

In his eyes, burying myself reflects like mirror,

As he looks deeply, gently grabbing me to dance.


I hear the rhythm of our feet,

Waiting for each other's move,

As music resounds the beat of our hearts,

As he leads the way,

I softly follow,

The perfect dance of the night.


Fireflies light our path,

Along the bridge,

The calmness of the stream below,

Neglects to bother the chaos in our hearts,

As we walk side by side,

Step by step, closer to each other's arms.


At the end of the bridge,

The Acacia tree awaits,

As the fireflies dance around,

We sit on the softness of the grass,

Forgetting the coolish sweat of the night,

As he wraps his arm around mine.


No words dare to intrude the silence,

As I read the longing in his eyes,

Of my treasured gift to the one I will love,

He bends slowly, so closely towards me,

So close I stiffen, I fear to see,

How he touches my lips with his, so tenderly.


Of a sudden, a rush of light pestered,

Hurting my eyes, and opened them,

He was gone,

The bouquet of red roses,

The bridge,

The fireflies dancing around Acacia tree,

The  music of the night,




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