Bends in the Road


A voice sang through the pavement of your innocence. You wondered.
But ignored to listen. Then, regret eventually rushed through you when neglecting the voice has turned into a warning.

"I can do this...everything..."

And that same innocence blanketed your sight towards what could have been done. Such naivety comforted you with rising above the warning. By pushing yourself. So hard. You carried the world while climbing mountains and soaring high above them. And up there you claimed and screamed that things are actually just fine and will be.

" ... "

However, now. You did not see this coming. Their words blew away such comfort of your naivety. Then, it flew away and cleared the pavement once opaque in sight. You tried to ran away. Slipped. Rose and ran again. Until you found yourself facing bends in the road. Lost.


And you hide. Into these metaphors. The suffering you fear to face. For how long? And how? You are in loss of answers. You are in loss of your faith. In yourself. And in others.  The once brave soul who endeavoured hard to conquer everything is now bludgeoned by fear to live further.


You were staring intently at the crossroad ahead. The roads looked the same. You searched for signboards to somehow give you hints. And found none.


Your knees fell down and, tiringly, you wished to lose your breath at that moment. Because you could no longer feel the air around. Gloom was consoling you as you closed your eyes. And beheld each future you once dreamed of burning into ashes. And you cried. Hard enough.

"What now?"

Tired. Exhaustion dried your tears. You kept staring at the bends in the road. But you were not seeing them. You were seeing a woman drowning in her own tears, her own grief, her own fears. There, pity was tightly clinging into you.

And you cringed.


Finally, you saw how unworthy this woman was of such pity.


The bends in the road were waiting.

And you rose weakly. You walked slowly towards where you thought this woman deserved to be. 


◄ That Sunday Night

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Big Sal

Mon 30th Apr 2018 03:19

Unique poetry scheme.


Sun 20th Aug 2017 16:31

Can get lost in your rhythm for which the formatting becomes very helpful to remain focused on meaning.

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