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How does a girl become a woman?
The first time her royal blue skirt
Was stained with drops of blood
Tainted childhood's innocence
Of fertility's awakening.

Rules had chained her feet from crossing
The bridge towards a boy playing
His piece in a saxophone
Lullabies of attraction
A petty love from the ashes of lust.

Chains rang as she heavily walked
Up the stairs of her fantasies
Dreaming of true love and tiaras
Like a princess dancing with her prince
In his knightly charms and dignity.

How does a girl become a woman?
The first time a boy asked her out
For a Valentine's dinner
And dishonesty freed her
From the bounds of her stifling home.

Where in becoming a woman
She was trained towards perfection
Follow the steps of her mother
Providing and making a home
A devoted wife to a perfect man.

Where such perfection tightens
The heavy chains around her ankles
While grooming every part of the house
Marching down the aisle to her dreams
Wounding her feet at every step.

How does a girl become a woman?
That moment a man she loved
Must have loved her too but time
Dictated parting ways that Sunday night
When she feared to love again.

She struggled to define every move
A man makes to open her door
In attempts to break the Great Walls
A man earns her smile by saying hello
He loses her by misplacing her worth.

An evening when he feels a thirst
To sip and swallow her flesh
Pleasing his fantasies the taste
Of Merlot wine sold and bought
At the cheapest price.

How does a girl become a woman?
That moment when tears have tired her
And she rose bolder than before
Wiser to accept that fairy tales
Do not exist but true love does.

She has found the key to unlock
The chains that were scarring her steps
Is to finally love herself more
Forgiveness to imperfection
Pride in her worth with no regrets.

The girl in her royal blue skirt
Is now a woman free from the chains
Of judging eyes and bellows
Embracing her own stained self
Flying higher along with her flaws.



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racha chafik

Wed 28th Mar 2018 01:01

very beautiful enjoyed reading it

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