The center of everything, in the middle of nowhere

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the midpoint of the universe,

the center of everything

in the middle of nowhere

that’s you


space is infinite all around

think about it

your thoughts chase

the ever-extending boundaries

with the speed of light

but the limits are impossible to find

they are set by your mind


no need to be a scientist

to know, what can't be known

life’s a mystery for a reason

but scientist “answers”



they lead us away

from our own truths

put our heads in the cloud

while life happens

here on the ground


if we knew it all

we’d fall

there’d be no reason

to struggle at all

so, find your own purpose

that gives your life meaning

the inner path’s

never deceiving


an infinite space

has infinite centers

as the middle of your universe, you glow

you’re the star of the show,

the seeker of glory

starring your own story

that is written further every day

and if your soul hasn’t been sold

one day, might even get told


by Lasse Krey


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