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The end of the chain

the madness is carried

from perpetrators to victims

from link to link on the chain of misery

where victims become perpetrators

and perpetrators create more victims

on and on it goes

history shows

that the chain extends

‘til the bitter end.


there is so much madness

coming from our race

sometimes I wonder

do we use the word “inhuman” in the wrong ways?

we dress and wear masks to hide

the animals inside


it’s not the animal part that’s bad

it’s the, not knowing who we really are part

that makes us mad

the not knowing how to act

but in fact, we don’t have to act

we just have to be

just be you

but most people think

that’s too good to be true


there are things in life that I don’t know

that’s when I make believe

and choose to be naïve

I pick a happy fantasy for me

and imagine, that every human being

is perfect just how it’s meant to be

it liberates me and gives me the excuse

to be who I really am


this being said

let me come back

to the chain of misery

most humans have faced pain

and couldn’t stand the defeat

so, they pick a victim they badly treat

to escape the bottom of the hierarchy


now I ask you to be the end of the chain

of this madness game

be proud of who you are

and give bullies no offensive

so, you cant’t be offended

every offense to you is a chance

to end one chain for good

be the end of the chain

and every human being will gain


by Lasse Krey

motivationBe yourself

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Lasse Krey

Tue 11th Aug 2020 21:53

I'm happy to write it and can't deny that I'm also happy that you like it, too.

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Shifa Maqba

Tue 11th Aug 2020 16:45

Insightful, profound and important.

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