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The man and the sea - Part 1: The Stranding

After the ship broke

the man found himself in the middle of the sea

drifting into the unknown in the dark

clinging to a piece of tree


the man is physically strong, he needs to be

cause his mindset is weak

and now that no one can see

he lets out a tiny weep


by daylight, the man spots land on the horizon

he heads off and crawls

but she, the sea, won’t let him be

and reroutes his course


she has a strength not known to man

pulling him with gentle force

until his body leaks power

refilled with remorse


now that there’s nothing else he can do

the man gives destiny out of hand

and trusts the ways of the sea

to find him a piece of land


the man is floating with the waves of the tide

but the direction, not even the sea can decide

for she is bound by the moon

who’s following a greater plan


when the man suffered enough

his mind calmed down and so did the sea

a final wave pushed him up onto the beach

touching mother earth, for him, felt like rebirth


end of part 1


by Lasse Krey

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