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If you could compare my soul to anything in nature

I’d say it‘s like a thunderstorm

people have mixed feelings about it

there are positive and negative feelings involved

some fear it for its destructive potential

some admire the lightning show


tension holds it together

that it’s trying to release

an inner state of unease

it’s contrary in all of its parts

the heat of the lightning

the cold of the dark


those who fear it, would like to control

but if they’d achieve it

my soul would be sold


those who love it, watch it in awe

when it rises and covers the shore

it announces itself with a warm breeze

a soothing stroking flatters the cheek


if only this state could last

but my soul is destined to call you past

hands unable to catch the haze

the only way to touch me

is through the rain falling off my face


aloof in its nature, its path unforeseen

doomed to have no one to belong

imprisoned by freedom

the longing is strong


that’s when the warmth fades to a hollow

and the coldness follows

when darkness becomes the lightnings stage

thunder’s growling in fury, expressing its rage

it’s not personal, it’s desperate to be seen

striking its targets, with a lightnings beam

flashing bad attitudes, that’s the goal to achieve

placing a spark of hope, replacing the grief


the aiming isn’t perfect

it makes mistakes

creating pain, more than they can take

the lightning reflects and shoots back to the sky

hitting me hard, right in the eye

now my pain is yours and your pain is mine

it’s time for me to decline

dropping tears of rain

on the burning flame

hoping to save what’s left

leaving with shame


I’m not here to harm, but responsible for change

the creator of ashes, waters the graves

gives life a chance to thrive yet again

to leave the past behind to go on to the next


when the smoke clears and the blue is revealed

the sun is alert

it shines upon the fields

lets’ beauty emerge

unfold from the dirt



by Lasse Krey


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Sun 11th Oct 2020 11:25

Nice one ? Great title too!

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Tue 28th Jul 2020 15:32

“Imprisoned by freedom”... what a powerful line. Enjoyed the lightning show! ?

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