Freedom is a common term

it’s often said but seldom seen

the idea is easy to get

but hard to grasp

that’s what it’s all about


if you reach for it

you will never get close

accept the fact that you can’t catch it

the hurrier you go

the more you get left behind


it was always right here

it ain’t hard to find

somewhere between the boundaries of life

and your ego-mind

a birthright to humankind


you can’t see it, can’t smell it

can’t lock it in a box

it has no need for someone to describe it

with a limited point of view

only a few know, the secret lies underneath


but it is for every one of us, you see?

the magic is in the nature of the idea

but is limited by fear

freedom can’t be seen

when it is your perspective itself



by Lasse Krey

freedomfearlimited view

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