Hypocrite Society

I’m a poet

but nobody knows

there is a depth in me

that rarely shows


the man that you can see

is only a fraction of the whole me

under the surface

a place so vast

I couldn’t describe it

even if you’d ask

words are just not up to the task

so, I hide behind my mask


and you?
I would like to know you

but it’s hard for me to see through

‘cause you blend into the crowd

not daring to stick out

blurring your characteristics

behind layers of cosmetics


you traded your distinctive trait

for an average weight

constantly keeping up with the rest

gets you more and more depressed


for whom are you wearing this corset?

yourself or someone else?

don’t wear it for me!

cause I’d rather see you breathing free


since we are all not perfect,

we should show ourselves more respect

and don’t underestimate god as an architect

cause he gave us a sense of humor

that sometimes can even kill a tumor

it’s the greatest strength we have

if you can laugh about yourself

you are basically invincible

and closer to perfect than with that old corset


by Lasse Krey


◄ The center of everything, in the middle of nowhere


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Lasse Krey

Mon 25th Jan 2021 09:03

Hi Nikola,
thanks for sharing that. I found that some of the people who have overcome a severe disease know more about living life than most. Being grateful is also a quality that makes you kind of invincible ?

Nicola Beckett

Mon 25th Jan 2021 03:23

I liked this poem it's fun.
Laughter can combat depression and there's a thing called laughter therapy. I've overcome cancer. Maybe being able to laugh at myself along the way helped xx

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Lasse Krey

Sun 24th Jan 2021 22:41

Yes of course the invincibility refers to what I have written in the first part of the poem.
My point is that humour allows you to be happy on your own, independent from outer circumstances. The happiness that depends on other people or money etc. is a fragile happiness that can be taken away easily. But that's just my philosophical point of view, not science. That's why I published it here ?

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sun 24th Jan 2021 22:12

Although it might be possible to be invincible against some things, I don't think anything can make someone invincible against everything. When you don't put a clause after the word, it implies invincibility against everything.

Ability to laugh at oneself, as the topical example, might make someone invincible against criticism?
It might provide invincibility against embarrassment? There are probably a few other protections given...
But it isn't going to protect against oncoming traffic or coronavirus or a piano falling on their head, etc.

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Lasse Krey

Sun 24th Jan 2021 21:40

I'm not sure if laughing can heal us completely from cancer, but I'm sure it is a huge part of our health.
I know it's not my best line but I kept it as an exaggeration.
I also know that I have a sense of humour that not everyone likes, but as long as it makes me laugh and no one else cry I write it out loud. What do you think makes someone invincible?
When you are able to laugh when the irony of life poops on your head, I think you are quite save.
Thanks for your comment ?

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sun 24th Jan 2021 20:47

Can humour kill tumours? Since I don't think it can that line really pulled me out of agreement with the poem. Is laughing about ourselves really enough to be invincible? I don't think so either.
But I really liked how the poem begins, for the most part the rhymes are not too forced, and it is saying something important so ?.

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