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I’ll put on the table a New Year tree,

The smell of pine needles will fill my flat.

Champagne, chocolate…and I’ll start my spree,

With three candles I’ll chat.


These candles will be my spiritual world,

The lonely party is always free.

My heart will be twirled and purled,

Curse of troubles these candles will be.


With champagne I’ll fill the cryst...

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new year



There …where the taste of silence is strange and forgotten,

There ... where the pastel sky floats and is  underfoot,

There ...where  the streets are shivering in a foggy mood.

                           They need snow.


There … where the face of Earth is changing the poles,

There … where some kilometers of the rain are endless

There... where the ships  kiss  t...

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Answer My Question, Please!


Elsa and Joan were truthful girls,

But just for fun they lied only once, 

On the day of their birth.

On the 6th of April someone asked :

When is your birthday?

Elsa used to say: It was yesterday.

Joan used to say:  It will be tomorrow.

I will meet my dearest fellow.

The next day they were asked the same question.

And…the answer was just the same.

I ...

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A Man Says


A gentleman says:

May I meet you?

May I come?

May I help you?


A good man says:

I’ll meet you.

I’ll come.

I’ll help you.


A real man says:

I am coming

To meet you,

To help you.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 25th of December, 2011

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a real man

In One of Those Countries He Was Born


There are countries where people have never seen the snow.

There are countries where pine-apples grow,

There are countries with granite ridge,

There are countries with no bridge.


In those countries the flowers are more fragrant,

In those countries there is a beautiful salient,

In those countries the stars are brighter,

In those countries the spring is elegant and lig...

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Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up!


Hurry up to fall in love!

Be surprised how beautiful it is!

Hurry up to speak of love!

Realize that these words can anyone please.


To give yourself to others –

What happiness it is!

All people are sisters and brothers

Take care of friendship, please!


Don’t hide the feelings of admiration!

It’s a foundation of love creation.

Use your brai...

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I Was Always Sure, Now I Am Not.


I was always sure that….

Tomorrow will come.

I’ve heard it from my mum.

That was in old days.

Today those bright rays

Happened to be in a haze.


Today I am a little bit confused.

My childish insurance is reduced.


I am not sure in tomorrow.

I thank God if it doesn’t bring me sorrow.

I’ve stopped looking for the truth.

What’s the use?


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He is My Hero


En elderly lady is in the police station

For the identification.

The one on the left is a deft.

He wrung my hands

And gave commands

To the one on the right.

I couldn’t fight.

He kept my legs apart meaning…

Something dirty to start.

But…that one in the middle…

Sorry for my giggle …

Was like a beautiful fiddle.

He was the finest fellow.


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Don't Cut Her Wings!


To clean her room

She uses a simple broom.

She is a nice girl,

All that she does shines like a pearl.


You have to be careful,

You have to be faithful.

She is an angel,

She is from a chapel.


Don’t try to gamble!

She is bashful.

She is brittle ,

She is beautiful.


She is a sample

Of a beautiful song.

She doesn’t know ...

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Don't Cut Her Wings!


To clean her room

She uses a simple broom.

She is a nice girl,

All that she does shines like a pearl.


You have to be careful,

You have to be faithful.

She is an angel,

She is from a chapel.


Don’t try to gamble!

She is bashful.

She is brittle ,

She is beautiful.


She is a sample

Of a beautiful song.

She doesn’t know ...

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I am tired to hear your lies.

I am tired to love tired eyes.

I don’t want to listen to your cries.

I would love you to be... a bit more wise.



Or it could be better to say it like this:


I’m fed up to listen to lies,

I’m fed up to love tired eyes,

I don’t want to argue any more,

I’ll better new lands explore.          

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Glamour, Glamour, Glamour....


Glamour, glamour, glamour!

Where does it come from?

What does it form?

At first I thought it comes from French.

But no! In Scottish is the wrench.

In old days it meant proper grammar,

Today it’s an eccentric drama,

It’s an alluring charm,

It intends to smarm.

They say: It’s a sophisticated life style,

No one cares if I give you a vile smile.


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The First, The Second, The Third


The first: I went to bed with your wife.

The second: How do you like the first?

The third: She wants to stay with me.

-The first: I don’t live with my wife.

The second: She has AIDS.

The third: How do you like the second?



Do you think that

A toilet bowl is just a hole

For your feces

Or for your ass?

It can be a place for your face...

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Worldwide News


Default in Greece,

In Iceland – peace,

Protests in England,

Evacuation plans in Scotland,

Brace’s bakery success in Wales,

In The Sun read the details.

Italy is under water,

In Twee Ribiere it’s getting hotter.

Riot is in the USA on Wall Street,

Moscow is in the sleet.

Soon or right on time for Christmas shopping?

Asked King of Prussia,


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What is more important?


Two men were asked one question:

What is more important – happiness or health?

The first one answered:

 Certainly happiness!

Another one said:

I would be glad if I had health,

I would change it for all my wealth.

Do you ask me why?

Here is my reply:

You know, some days ago,

I have, at last, met my happiness.

But….Damn! Damn! Damn!

I don’t wa...

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A Quarrel


After a morning quarrel with his wife

A husband has got a terrible life.

After work, coming back home,

He finds a warning syndrome.

It’s a note lying on the table:

Honey, I think you are able to heat up the food,

Today I am in a bad mood,

So, to cheer me up I went to my friend

To watch the film with a happy end.

The food is already on the stove.


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Terrorism And My Garden


The final  victory over terrorism,

As well as over communism,

Leading to expansionism,

We’ll celebrate not after killing

Lenin, Stalin or Osama bin Laden,

But after stopping that bitch who pisses in my garden.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 18th of November, 2011

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Why Poetry?


I won’t tarry,

I won’t marry,

I won’t complain,

Though the pain will remain.

I won’t ask: Please, take care of me!

Though the fear is inside me.

I will stay alone,

I will live on my own.

Writing poems will be my treatment,

With them I’ll find an agreement.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 11th of November, 2011

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Believe In Your Star


Live…Breathe…Believe in your star…

It is with you wherever you are,

It never leaves you for a moment,

The saint light is in its current.


In storms it helps to reach the land,

Its warmth it gives to you my friend,

It cherish you and gives you strength,

It leads you through the whole life length.


It lights up your soul when it pains,

It bright...

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You know, it happens that...


You know, it often happens that…

People love one another.

They give love to each other in return.

In love affection they both burn.


It also happens that love is cut off

By someone’s an invisible measure.

That measure  just scoffs,

Forgetting that love is a treasure.


It happens…love is boiling of passion

And someone becomes the universe.


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Spam, Spam, Spam


There is no free lunch.

Free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

Spam? I always had a hunch

It’s a lap-dogs yap.


Spam, spam, spam….

So many times I had them.

Damn, damn, damn!

Come on, scam! Scram!


How many times to repeat?

Spam you should at once delete.

This one you don’t have even to read.

Greed will never get mead.


You feel ...

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Hello, darling!


Hello, darling! Hello, starling! How are you, beauty? How are you, cutie? All is well, honey. All is well, sunny. Please, let’s stop this game! Have you also forgotten my name?


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

    The 4th of November, 2011



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I’ve learnt to understand that….

A prohibitive degree of inner freedom –

Not a caprice but a strain.

Up to the end it will remain!


I’ve learnt to understand that….

The tales we dream up

We write out of our own head.

And…. we should cherish that!


I’ve learnt to break up the rules,

So that no one should be hurt.

Using my own tools,

I w...

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May be I am not as strong as it seems to be,

But I am not as weak as someone wants me to be.


It’s not the question of whom to marry,

It’s the question what to do with the rest:

Gary. Larry, Barry, Jerry……


            A drunken man shouted as his voice allowed:

            Where am I? I feel like to cry!

            You are in Soho square if to be ...

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Brain And Body

- In all men I love brain more than body.

I don’t like rowdy and those who embody Corradi.

I mean a football player and not the Aston Villar’s trainer.

- Right you are! Our body is like a car.

With age it becomes weak.

More energy it would like to seek.

Only  brain you can fuck all your life,

enjoying the devil’s strife.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukrai...

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fucking his bird lol

Let the Wind Rage Outdoor...


The last leaf’s falling from the tree

Farewell to autumn!

Snowflakes start their waltzing spree

To better future blossom.


Your hair darling turned to gray

As well as mine.

Our years together – a safety bay,

They are like aged wine.


More often I would love to hug,

To feel your warm embrace,

Near the fireplace to snug,

To kiss your lov...

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I pray for all my friends,

I pray for the one who love defends.

I pray for those who warmed my heart,

I pray for that one who keeps apart.


I ask our Lord to send them all health,

I ask my God to bring them all wealth,

I ask my Angel to protect them from a fall,

To listen to: for whom the bells toll.


I would love your cup to be always full.


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A Message


Send a message saying:

I am so sad.

Different answers you will get:

Are you sick?

Don’t be weak!

What’s happened?

Why are you saddened?

Do you need a napkin?

And only a true friend will answer:

I am coming!


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 6th of October, 2011

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A La Larissa Perfume


“A La Larissa” perfume has appeared!

The fragrance of it is great and neared.

It’s just for your elegance and intelligence.

It’s not for the masses!

It’s for the women in the evening dresses.

It’s for the ladies of extra classes.

This perfume is an explosion of warmth,

It gives you real sexual storms.

It gives you the enveloping notes,

It rises up your ...

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My Funny Money


Money are so naughty and cunning,

They behave just stunning.

I go out – they follow me,

I come back – they harrow me.

They don’t want to come back  home,

They would like a bit more to roam.

They sometimes don't want to go home with me at all.

They would like a bit more to stroll.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 2nd of October, 2011

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My Present


I present you with a bouquet.

You can do anything with it,

Even to sweep the Soho street.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

24th of September, 2011

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There is no sense...


There is no sense to dream about a prince,

There is no need your brain to rinse

When you are after thirty.

Better be a bit more flirty!


It’s time to chose

If you don’t want to lose

The time of your best years

Without knowing love affairs.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

The 22nd of September, 2011

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A Sad Clown


I am tired to pretend that

All is well on my land.

My heart is aching,

The last hope is breaking.


I am tired to hear the truth.

I loved you, it was forsooth.

I hate to hear the lies,

Try to find a compromise.


Only memories are in my treasury.

Thinking of you is my pleasury.

You were chasing for a fire-bird,

I memorized the words I’ve...

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In the Wood


I will enter the quiet wood,

On the rustling leaves I will dance,

I will watch the Godhood,

I will prance to the autumn’s romance.


I will wear a colorful dress,

I will mix up myself with the leaves,

I will hear what wind says,

I will feel the tender breeze.


I will see a birch in gilding,

A maple in its nice crimson,

A spiders beautiful s...

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President's Speech


2012. A new president of the United States

addressing to Congress:


You, morons with wood brain!

Sawdust your heads contain!

Listen to me, you fools!

Lift your asses from the stools!

Go! Toddle or hobble to do good deeds!

Grow fruitful seeds!

Moderate your own greed!

Find out what people need!


©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)


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free speech

Two Destinies, Two Hearts, Two Souls


Two lonely destinies have met at sunset,

Smiled timidly at each other,

Trying the pain of loneliness to smother.


They were still so naïve to believe:

Their meeting was not an accidental.

May be one of them was just mental!?


Two lonely souls didn’t want the doles.

Eye to eye gazed sadly.

They needed love madly.


The world around was sile...

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Do You Believe Me?


Do you believe me? I do. Give me your hand, we’ll fly.

I’ll help you, I do not lie.

Wait! We are not in a hurry!

And… I am afraid.

Don’t worry! I am your aide. I am scared. Hold me tight

And never let me go!

I’ll be forever with you,

You have to know.

Do you love me?

Be honest!

I do. I am the madd...

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Tenderness has million of faces and names,

Tenderness has million of secrets and signs.

It is in the autumns rains,

It is in the young wines.


Tenderness is a high flying bird,

It’s in the light breath of the wind.

It can be everywhere heard,

It can never be sinned.


Tenderness can be in crystal tears

Shining on your eyelashes.

It can be i...

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Only In September Night...


Only in September night

The stars are so bright.

Only in September night

The stars are like silver nails

Ready to tell me fairy tales.

On the black silky velvet they shine,

One of them is certainly mine.

It is close to the Ursa Major,

It is my dearest encourager.

It looks at me from the dark sky,

Winks and says: Come on, fly!

It seems to be very...

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Happiness of a man is not in possibility to chose a woman out of a million,

Happiness of a man is in possibility to allow himself to be with the only loved one.

Out of millions there are hundreds of beauties.

Out of millions there are hundreds of jealous.

Out of millions there are hundreds of desirable.

But… they are not loved.

Out of millions there can be only one...

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Sirius civilization is the monitor of humanity.

And…it is the most  trusty one.

Listen to what they say:


There won’t be a doomsday in 2012.

You must believe our word.

There won’t be a doomsday

In 100 and even in 1000 years.

New technology soon appears.

The seas and oceans won’t leave the coasts.

Trust and Love Life promotes.

The Sun will shine...

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May be it sounds strange

But I know where the soul is.

The skeptics I won’t change.

Let them freely breathe!


My soul is the palm size,

It’s somewhere near the heart.

I feel it when it cries,

It doesn’t want with me to part.


I feel it when it’s full of joy,

It can overcome all troubles.

It tells me: Life enjoy!

It’s worthy of all the ...

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A Horse Become the Pegusus


One drop of nicotine kills a horse.

One drop of heroin………………

Do you think it makes a horse feel worse?

Oh, no! It makes a horse feel how the wings grow.

A horse has a wish to fly high in the sky.

A horse becomes the Pegasus

With the poetic plexus,

A highflying horse with the  poetic imagination.

This horse without any hesitation

Makes just fantastic cre...

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fantasy. horses



Never talk to a stranger

If you don’t want to be in a danger,

Especially with those

Who speak with a foreign accent.

You will never know what they really meant.

Even if they walk along the Patriarchal ponds

You’ll be , I am sure, conned.

Even if you wear a nice suit

You can be looted

Or hear an outshoot.

Even if they smell the best perfume

They ...

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Can't Be Indifferent


Honest people can’t be indifferent

To the satiation in Great Britain.

I was just smitten

By the news in the net.

The jet of vandalism has met with …

Was it a debt, which was kept….?

Can’t say where and in what,

But …some people forgot:

Democracy of our society

Looks like who is more mighty.

Alien war. Is it really an alien?

The human beings are ...

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lifepoliticsmanchester evening news



The ghosts of not repentant souls

Wander in the quiet woods night.

Only chilling cries of  owls

Cause the lightest fright.


Flying Dutchman frightens seamen,

Its sight is a portent of doom.

It was told by John Leyden

Sinful souls went to gloom.


Ghosts dwell in the hills.

Climbers know a ghost can kill.

To some they help to cross the river...

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The Ghosts


How to forget your smell?

How to forget your tender kisses?

Now I want to yell.

Your love my heart misses.


Cruel time didn’t save us, didn’t save.

Gentle breeze blew away our feelings,

Ghost of love came from the grave,

No mercy on me, no healings.


Our years together flowed and flew,

It seemed they would never end.

None of us knew


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His Saint Feet


The feet of our Lord walked

Along the dusty roads,

Scratched by the stones.

Along the narrow paths,

Cared by the green grasses.

Those Saint Feet were not aware of tiredness,

He walked His way with worthiness.

Beyond an ordinary strength those feet walked.

Days and nights,

Proclaiming to avoid the fights.

Those feet were washed by tears,

Those fe...

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The law of our life:

If you don’t get used to all  you’ll die.

If you don’t die you’ll get used to all.


The picture was really unique.

When I looked at it I felt sick.


One bottle of vodka for a fool

Turns into a rocking stool.


Once in a trap eat your cheese!


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I Am the Only One


On the right foot

I’ll put on a boot.

On the left foot,

I’ll put on a shoe,

Red or may be blue.

Do you know what for?

To ignore public opinion,

To show you and all:

I am the only one

Out of million.

Or may be more:

To show you

That I am nervous,

Capricious, and…

A little bit ambitious.


© Copyright Larisa Rzhepishevska


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