The Place in my Soul

The Place in my Soul


It was like yesterday when I start to remember

When the face of a man, softly said-

Hey, little baby, it's Daddy here, you must wake up,

it is your first day in December


It was like yesterday when he picked me up from the tar

It is going to be ok, as he brushed the sand from my knee

Tomorrow the sore will be far


It was like yesterday when he picked me up from school

You are growing up so fast my son

Not many years from now, you will be very cool


It way like yesterday when I prepared, to be wed

He stood proud, as the little child of yesterday

Found a new home, and he was very happy, he said


It was like yesterday when I received the news, He is no more

It broke my heart and ripped my Soul

As the last tears in my body dripped on the floor


It was like yesterday when I left the church

With a tender heart and an empty Soul

Waiting for time to mend my heart and fill my soul


And as time goes by and memories cross my road

A Memory against the wall, a letter or Song

It still hurts, as I am making space for the new memories to rest

In that special place in my Soul


And as the years go by, the hurt will slowly fade,

The hurt will make space for sad, and to be sad is not bad

Memories of joy are taking the place of sad filling my Soul

With wonderful memories of my Dad.




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Fri 15th Nov 2019 14:07

Hey there,
I wish to dedicate a video in memory of your dad. I can feel your pain. I can cry your tears.

In loving memory of your dad

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Fri 15th Nov 2019 06:12

I love this ! Truly magnificent


Thu 14th Nov 2019 13:08

A beautiful tribute...beautifully expressed...each word entered my lill heart and made a tear trickle down my eye.....💔 heartbreakingly beautiful!!

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