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The earth is scattered with Billions of people. Last time someone cared to count, they said we passed the 7 billion mark.

Everybody is busy with something. Some are trying to change the world... some are using the world... some are raping the world. Others are just swept away or dragged along by the world. Mother Earth has her own problems coping with all these people... every one with his own agenda... greed or lust or ignorance or just plain stupidity.

Every soul has its own story. Some are good, some are bad... some are naive and others riddled with lies. Some have families, some have died... some have friends some are just living to get by.  Some are looking for purpose, some are chasing a dream. Some are dreaming a dream, and some are making dreams and a few are living their dreams.

As Mother Earth is spinning around... some are waking up and some will go to sleep. Some will work... some will play, some will run away... others will stay. Life is an eternal spiral of contradictions, absurdities, opposites, paradoxes and anomalies.

In order for us to process all this, we need to stop, detach ourselves from the circle of life we created for ourselves. We need to detach ourselves from the do's and don'ts, to hear the silence, breath the nothing that only silence can bring, feel the remoteness of all and just to be, for a while, to ask the most difficult question on earth...

From all the Seven Billion people on earth...

Who am I?


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Fri 15th Nov 2019 14:18

It enters deep inside the soul.....but somehow i researched long back, so i hv the answer to why D.....but not to what that Po got before us brilliantly....i need to introspect and explore the newer realms within myself....thanks for this great piece!! Brilliant n introspective write!!

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Fri 15th Nov 2019 10:37

Enjoyed reading this,emphasises the complexity of our existence.

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