To the woman in our lives

They are strange; they are not like us,

the can’t do stuff without a fuss.

We men, we just want to get it done

they will spice it up and have some fun.


Not sure why God decided to make,

them woman, the fairer of the two.

Perhaps we will never understand His take

but it is working well, that is true.


We men we don’t get it, nor will we ever understand,

what they think, when they are drawing hearts in the sand.

They speak with their eyes and think with their hearts

How can you run a world with beauty and  that smarts?


And as we are getting older, we start to see,

How our mothers raised us, and let us be,

How our sisters managed to stay out a fight,

How our wives became our candle and our light,

How our daughters are standing up for what’s right!


We men must live our lives every day

In such a way that they can say

We are happy to share this world with you

You stubborn men, we love you too.



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