The riddle called Love

The riddle called love ... 

A debate as old as the mountains
with no definitive answer in sight.
Who has an answer 
Who might be wrong or right? 

Adel sings, sometimes it lasts
Nazareth sings it hurts.
Ellie Chu from the half of it, thinks it's 
"messy and horrible and selfish and bold". 

Turn it upside down. What is it not?

Love is not guaranteed
nor just a simple choice
  Not supposed to fail
not to be underestimated
nor to be taken for granted 

Love is fragile and strong 
Hard and brittle 
kind and brutal 
calculated and random
and everything in between…
some might say. 

My take is:
That it is all revealed in simple Expressions

It shows up on the corner of an eye
playing hide and seek with a loving smile.
 It's expressed in a touch 
awakes you with morning coffee in bed. 
It's in a hug or a small surprise.
It's the smile in a whisper
or the taste of the colour
of a random gift. 

Expressions flirt with words
do not keep book of time or age.
It sends a message in a song
rides on the rhythm of a poem
  and unashamedly abuse emojis. 

cost nothing
yet they are priceless 

don't need words
but instead, are to be spoken by
the forgotten language 
called touching. 

Expressions are the air that love is breathing

But beware…

Love does not live in the dark 
nor does it survive on its own. 
It does not dance alone in the rain
nor does it dream in isolation. 

Love needs to find its echo, 
see a reflection of its expressions
in this wonderful place
 we call life. 

My heart and mind peacefully resigned
to this simple equation. 

Love is a beautiful expression... 

in a desperate need of an answer 




◄ You are

I see tomorrow, born from death ►


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