Metaphysical musing

Why is anything the way it is

Made like that and not like this?

Why are there eyes and lead and bees?

How unlikely are stars and trees?


Is the word real content-free?

I want to see, properly see, really see.

I can't see radio waves or infra-red

And can't keep that out of my head.


What is the DNA of the universe,

This crazy scheme that could be worse?

The distances are vast, the questions are vaster,

Why quarks, ice, Jupiter or pasta?


Got to give God credit, the whole thing's a riddle.

Humanity is bizarre and stuck in the middle.

What is God up to, she's such a tease.

Wants me to think and wonder....but....on my knees?


Why is anything the way it is,

Made like that and not like this?

Learn, observe, remember what you found.

You might be consulted next time round.

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 9th Jan 2015 16:46

Come on Dave,
Fetch in the arguments about the possibility of the co-eternity of matter and really confuse us! my mother used to say...`why? why? why? your food`!

I like that: `Why quarks, ice, Jupiter or pasta`

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