On the spectrum

frightening, baffling


those are people,
people people
scarey faces.
What is behind?
What is inside?
Masks, masks and movements, 
movements and words. 
Fear, being afraid
of people.
Nerves jangling
more than nerves
very much anxious. 
Words and movements!!
What do they mean?
What does that mean? 
and this mean?
and that mean? 
and the touches which are bad-worst of all. 
The words, the tight words, go on and on. 
And this that is done 
makes me jangle
and that that is done 
makes things jingle. 
And the drive inside says
Must Do This
and must
Keep On Doing That! 
and sometimes the faces try to prevent
with the movements and the words
and the masks say
And the horrible hands
So much fuss-noise!
Want peace! 
To do things
that must be done. 
And if that is happening
and there is peace
and everything is in its place



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Anthony Emmerson

Thu 6th Nov 2014 17:49

It certainly has a disjointed/detached feel about it Dave. The clipped sentences and staccato phrases add to the jagged form. I only have a little experience of autism/OCD/Aspergers, but from what I know it seems to mimic fairly accurately how confusing it must be to suffer from these conditions. Having said that, apparently we are ALL on the Autistic Spectrum somewhere - it's simply a question of degree.



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Laura Taylor

Thu 6th Nov 2014 10:34

Until I read your comment Dave, I was thinking this could apply to me, or you. I definitely inhabit these feelings. The syntax is excellent - really gets the feelings/emotions/reactions across. And that ending - aye, know that well.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 6th Nov 2014 09:21

I think you've encapsulated the chaos perfectly Dave.
Just reading this makes one anxious.

Well done,


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Dave Bradley

Thu 6th Nov 2014 07:50

This is an attempt to visit the outlook and experience of those labeled autistic, with whom I worked for a while many years ago. I would be interested to hear from those who know more how successful the attempt is.

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