Life is boobytrapped

You brush past a bush, 
it ambushes, scratches you, you
hardly notice it, it
gets septic,
death follows.
The sniper picks out you, you
are the unlucky one, one
of the others could easily have been, been
shot, shot dead, but no,
death follows.
Life is boobytrapped. 
It's a minefield, any minute, minute
germs, viruses, bacteria can invade, invade
through the tiniest crack, crack
the defences, or maybe you fall, fall
down a hole because someone stole
the cover, and next thing you know, know
Your hip's bust and then it's pneumonia
and death follows. 

In the minefield of life.

What is the opposite? 
Funny things opposites.
Square is not the opposite of round,
blue is not the opposite of red,
though we think so
but alive is the opposite of dead,
now that's a real opposite. 

So what is the opposite of boobytrapped? 
What the word that says life is laced with magic? 
One word that says YES there are golden surprises,
there are wonders, there is grace. 
You can be ambushed by laughter.
One word to tell that life is a minefield of blessings, celebrations and
Of hope realised through the serendipity of Providence. 

I don't know that word.
Can you help? 

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 18th Sep 2014 00:08

Like your `doubling` word play in this

and the sunny optimism.

(just catching up)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 23rd Aug 2014 15:49

'the serendipity of Providence' - now there is a thought - happy happenstance juxtaposed against the presumed beneficence of God - pretty contradictory -

But the poem has that particular charm of thoughts whirling around before slumber. And you have made some considered connections of ideas. It is very interesting.

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Andy N

Tue 19th Aug 2014 12:33

good stuff, dave particularly like the first stanza but a good piece throughout.

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