A true Soul Mate!

To have a true Soul mate

It’s not so easy to locate

True soul mates are made in heaven

Everyone is not so blessed one


To find a better half, is really a toughest task

Rather it’s not realistic to ask

Those who find their true soul mate

Are certainly fortunate


A true soul mate is like a mirror

Who loves his soul mate knowing her real picture

Who adores his beloved \\under any circumstances

Comforts his companion\ in all her troubles


True soul mates are inseparable

They are so incomparable

Their bond are unbreakable

They are made in heaven


Their connection, intense bond never goes away

They can’t tolerate each other’s pain

Those who are lucky enough meet them at certain point of life

And live out the rest of their lives together

True soul mates stays in life forever.

Bindu Trigunayak

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