Why me?

Why me?

This usually come to every mind

Everyone have to face what is being destined

Why me, comes to everyone’s mind

We generally feels that God is dealing us with disparity

Feels like there is no hope of prosperity

Put this Shit away from mind

Grass looks greener from the other side

God has sent us here for some purpose

Every creature has something divine

Every soul has God inside

There’s nothing to fear indeed


We breakdown, we lost

This is our fault

Always have faith in Supreme Lord

Overwhelmed after getting Disappointments

We dishearten, we loose faith

The question, ”Why me” chases us like anything

Put us in depression and keep us away from Almighty

Don’t be heartless

Don’t be depressed

It’s a life , It’s a game created by God

Where we have to experience sometimes losing the battle

Which makes our life unsettle

Sometimes winning the war which brings happiness at par


Bindu Trigunayak

◄ Not Again, Not Again

A true Soul Mate! ►


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