Difference between Mother in Law and Mother

           Huge difference between MIL and Mother

Mother feels the pain what her daughter suffers

She try putting all efforts to keep in her comfort

Keep on saying don’t take tension

I am always with you for your protection


Mother in law never ready to feel her pain

Full of formalities with no realties

Try to pretend in front of everybody that she is the best

Never ready to admire her daughter in law in any aspects

On the other hand she puts every effort to hide her daughter’s bigger or small mistakes


Readily expose her daughter in law for a little mistake

She is making several compromises for her daughter but never say uff

And if she makes a little compromise for her daughter in law she will make you realise in every stuff

There is no replacement for a mother

Just wondering how can a mother plays two different roles while dealing with her daughter in law and daughter.


Bindu Trigunayak

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