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Wings of my dreams

I just want to fly,

high and high in the sky.


With the wings of my dreams,

stepping on the cloud of hope.

tasting the breeze of freedom,

floating in the lung, caressing my soul.


I just want to fly,

high and high in the sky.


Breaking all the stereotypes,

Or taboos limiting me,

Relishing my eyes with gorgeous views,

free from all the frame of reference...

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The Bright side

Today is the 72nd Independence day of India. One day I was thinking how the soul of freedom fighters would feel when they look at India from sky. Is this the country what they ever had dreamed for. Then I saw my reflection in the mirror, a common Indian girl dressed up in the cloth of her choice , outlined with the kohl of dreams in her eyes , with heart  free to travel and live life on her own te...

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An article over 72nd independence day of India

A good girl

A good girl, a nice girl, a perfect girl,
One who is the best,
scores the highest grade,
best in sports,
not just good, 
but the best in everything, 
she is smart, 
but not outspoken, 
she lightens up everyone, 
and never gossips, 
stays away from bad influence,
and always busy serving others. 

No matter how late she slept
but wakes up early with perfect hair and gorgeous face. 

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The city and the river

Once upon a time,
There was a city, 
a blue river was it's veins,
whose water was sweet and pure,
fishes merry and dance in it.

Cool and breezy air pampers the river.
Trees dancing over the celebration of nature, 
accompanied by the laughter of kids, 
who were sometimes playing
or swimming in the river. 

The river was a beautiful heaven, 
Yes, it was heart of the city. 
Near the ri...

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The Grass

Dwarf,  feeble, 
insecure and vulnerable, 
suppressed and injured by every passer-by.
Dies every day by  draught, 
flood and even in sunny day.

The misery of her  life, 
her struggles to touch the sky, 
yet staying few inches above the earth,
and struggling to stay alive. 

Whenever she grew few inches more, 
was either grazed, suppressed or cut. 

Hopeless she was once flowing with...

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The Dawn

The cool breeze coming from the window, 
touching my cheeks, 
like soft touch of mother, 
calming, soothing and loving.
The melodious song of
chirping birds, 
that woke up before me
and are ready to start hunt for meal. 
The joggers started jogging 
in the park, 
which I can see from my window. 
Smile, laughter and greetings
welcoming the first ray of hope
in the horizon,
after a lon...

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The splash of darkness

Just like every other day,
She woke up and adorned herself,
She glanced at her reflection
in the mirror,
She outlined her sparkling dreamy eyes with kohl
and wore mesmerizing smile
over lips painted with pink lipstick.
She dolled herself and
left her home with hope.
She walked down the street murmuring the lyrics of the latest song.
Hope, faith, dream and smile
accompanied her on the wa...

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Tax- I don't have problem.

I don't have problem, 
when you deduct tax
10%,20% or any percent.

From the hard earned salary,
after working from Monday to Friday,
sometimes including Saturday and Sunday,
From 9 to 5 or any shift including night shift,
9 hour or 10 hours maybe 12-14 hour job.
The over time or weekend. 
Leaving my kids alone, 
feeling sorry for not giving them enough time. 
Sacrificing vacations

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