The thirsty earth

The sun which was once loving,

danced with fierce rage,

burning up the earth,

with the torturous heat,

turning ambience dry and burning,

making the earth to scream for gentleness.


Her heart was burning,

so her surface,

The cracks on her lips

and streaks of dry leaves,

her charm was evaporating in the air.


She just wanted to be like what she was before,

happy, lively, charming and cheerful,

The songs of birds are submissed somewhere,

with the noise of dust flying in hot air.


She glared at the sky,

but her eyes dazzled by scorching sunlight,

she closed her eyes and prayed,

with all the pain and diminishing hope in heart,

to be like before happy and cheerful.


Suddenly a drop caressed her cheeks,

she opened her eyes

and few more drops patted her shoulder,

just like grandma's affectionate touch.

Tears of happiness flown from her cracks,

joining the river flowing nearby 


How happy she felt with the gift of sky,

her prayer was heard and received as the pearls of hope.

Dancing merrily the peacock welcomed

the first rain of the season.

Trees wore new dress of green leaves,

Crickets chirping over the shower of affection.


She blossomed with happiness,

Cherishing the soothing aroma in air,

as a return gift to the ambience,

calming the world,

which was once tormented.


The pain now disappeared in air,

as if it never existed.

In this celebration of nature,

earth realized she got herself back,

becoming cheerful, lively and happy like earlier,

with all the affection from the sky.

She healed and smiled,

singing merrily the song of rain.


All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 17th Apr 2019 03:07

What a beautiful story, a beautiful poem. I've never seen the rainy season but if this is how it looks, it must be breathtaking.

J. x

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