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Rushed Holiday

Friday at last, speed home from work
The flights tomorrow, few drinks a perk
It's that time, hurray! it's come round at last
But now i'll have to pack and make it fast
I'll pull the cases from the loft space
Unzipped and clean, put ready in place
I open the drawers and tip out all the clothes
Where's my favorite T shirt, God only knows
Three shirts, a tie! A jacket quite light
Not w...

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Uncle Phil

Our house might not be the same now that I’ve slipped away , you might feel oh so empty and not sure how to fulfil your day . 

We shared so much memories , time and love .If you’re feeling lonely talk to me and I’ll be listening up above . 
Don’t be sad too long or grieve on the question why , I needed my time of peace but this isn’t us saying goodbye . 

You will hear me rustle through the ...

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Where has it brought me

To the point of hatred towards my own kin

Less in thought and more of it on me

Why do I hate my mother 

She’s taken my youth and discouraged my future 

Left to take hold of her addictions 

Copying what I know I don’t want 

So why do I carry on 

Doing things that I know resemble her

Cursed by a course of action

Product of a design 

Disgusted ...

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Be not a leaf

falling from a tree

Be a branch...

part of the trunk

with roots

to ground you. 

By Lynn Hahn

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chronic pain

i'm sick of doing the best i can
because it isn't ever enough
if I can't be good,
what's the point of being here at all?

I never sleep well anymore
even though I tell the doctors I sleep fine
I just stare at the ceiling
and live through the lives of others

sit in class with an ache behind my eyes
I can't even tell if the pain is real
excedrin can only do so much
and I think my toler...

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A Bird Now Gone

No bird remains to sing his song.

so silence pounds the whole day long.


In beat with memory of the day

I clapped to make him go away.


The fault, it clearly lies with me

the bird was what the bird should be.


Now I live knowing I was wrong…

to want to silence any song.

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