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Each time that I observe the world,

I should spy beauty, peace and love.

Each time I listen, I should hear

The soft song of birds, or at most

The low hum of conversation.

But when I crane my neck,

Look up, down or sideways,

In front or behind me,

Or at some frantic screen,

Or catch imagined exploits,

Mouthed off on a train, or neighbours,

Hyped up in angry gatepos...

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Gaza: a father beats the floor in grief

As he feels his son’s last desperate breath.

It seems indecent to say any more,

As when, that evil Saturday morning,

A Holocaust survivor was cut down

During a crimson-coloured bout of rage.

I tell myself: this cannot be the best

That humankind has to offer. One day,

The innocent will inherit the Earth,

The puffball types in unifor...

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Dawn the rising glint of light

The background whoosh of an electric float 

The cheery clink of bottles 

Returning from where darkness rules

Empty of energy but full of joy

Stop now and find that view

View from a hill I know so well

Then nature’s volume slowly turned up

My breath easing into peace

Many such dawns to open my days

Find the spot, find the view, find the p...

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They weep in Israel;

They weep in Palestine.

They weep in Ukraine.

The whole world should weep.


Time drifts by, faster than we think;

Death queues for its daily spoils.

Someone always cleans up afterwards.

The stubbornly alive cling on to love.

Condolences rain down;

Groups huddle, trying to empathise

And multiply excuses,

While a few, buoyed up by the circus ...

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If Only

If only we could get along

As neighbours, lovers and as friends;

To learn to sing each other’s songs,

And join hands as the world intends.


Some obstacle stands in the way

Of life in harmony and peace;

The children of all nations play,

But come adulthood this will cease.


For once toy guns and catapults

Are swapped for a more strong-armed state,

There seems to...

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Fear not...

In the darkest hours,
Of your longest nights,
Someone will come,
In some form,
To push you towards Light,
You will know,
They are here for you,
And eveything,
Will feel Right,
So, when this does happen,
Learn from them,
To be Strong,
Promise yourself,
To Never Let Them Go!



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conquering the mind,body,and soul

conquer is conquering the mind
conquer is conquering the soul
conquer is conquering the energy
energy conquer energy
energy conquer the mind,body,and soul
a active soul is a active body
a active soul is a active energy

active is actively a body
active is actively a energy
the mind,body,and soul is actively a energy
energy honor energy
peace honor peace
peace conquer peace
peace is a...

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Nature's Wedding

Let the melodious song

of the numerous creatures

that reside here with us along,

in the lands and the skies

guide our light feet.


Step forward,

and bathe in the light of the sun.

As she blesses our love

and ignites our skins and soul.

In this bittersweet moment, 

tinged sour by all that could have been,

should have been ours,

let us surrender our hearts


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Peace In The Garden

Memory is elastic
and I can’t help but stretch it
thinking back to chasing sunsets
Atop my motorbike in Thailand
enthralled and awed
complete abandon
I never believed 
that moment could be bettered
I never thought
life could be more generous

The air is hot today
frogs skitter on the pond
flowers all in bloom
A cat curled on the deck
the outstretched arms of summertime
Gentle, ease...

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peacecalmmiddle agegarden of edengardening

Protecting my Peace

I pay high prices to learn my lessons 

That others manage to grasp in seconds

I always choose others before myself 

Putting them on the very top shelf 


I question the lack of a smile on my face 

Is it lost? Did I misplace?

When will I protect my peace?

I want to own it, not lease 


I sold my tranquility to the first in line 

Can't grow a backbone, not even a spi...

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It’s only anonymity

Which makes us go to war;

When soldiers meet up face to face

They wonder what it’s for.


They talk of friends and relatives,

About whom they all care;

Discuss the beauty of the world,

Which they delight to share.


They do not bow to nation states

Or military types,

Whose mission is to keep them down

By tapping on their stripes.



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Spirit Of Freedom

I see the flag
Bright colors
Swaying tall and proud and
Remember that it is smeared
With the blood
Of the hundreds of thousands
Who bought the Freedom
At a heavy cost
Their selfless sacrifice
To make India a sovereign

Is this all what Freedom is about?
Isn't Freedom Subjective
And a lot more than
Stop bowing to a foreign rule?

Freedom to come out
Of the shackles of Bondage
Of P...

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Reluctant Soldier

The sky looked weary 

Pale and colourless 

As were we

I laid down my rifle

and thought of what I'd told her

I'd left it in the hollow of her mind

In the place where dreams ascend 

So, when the day came 

they could carry 

all that grief & sorrow away

and feed it to the clouds

for when they felt like crying

And on that day

Laden with the burden of

a thousand...

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The Words

in the end everything seemed

to be superfluous,

our whims, our worries,

our everyday words

whirling in between

the four corners of any statutory affairs


in the end everything was

so predictable like the unfolding

of any well rehearsed drama

that our words became silent

like the tired desert

after the longest day of the year


in the end everything pushed


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Looked in the mirror shortly after i rose
Not quite sure i like what i see
A little bit of this, a touch of that and
Maybe i'll start to feel like me
Maybe i'll start to feel a little bit of glee
or maybe that's just me taking a leap
I need to get out from under this heap
I need to free myself before tears start to seep
Then they'll all start to say, girl please!
Get a grip 
or you are b...

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