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I don't.

How do you cope with being alone?

I don’t.

How do you love when you don’t love yourself?

I don’t.

How do you open up to people you know?

I don’t.

How do you handle being left?

I don’t.

How do you give when there’s nothing to give?

I don’t.

Well you must think about your life and friends?

I don’t.

Do you think in the future you can do better?

I don’t.

I’m s...

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I wanna talk about what kids go through

Broken door frames, busted light shades and spider cracks in the windows

I wanna give some clarity on these events

Woken up from sleep if you even slept, alcohol on the breath, eyes bloodshot, blank and brow full of sweat

Its probably the funny guy in class, class clown of the school

6 hours before class he was woken up and 3 hours of that he ...

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Move on / Build a Better You

Move on / Build a Better You

Time moves forward
It never turns back
So why do we spend so much time
Stuck living in the past
Mistakes are only natural
Issues and problems to resolve
Without mistakes, problems and issues
We never would evolve
So try and be more positive
There’s nothing left to lose
The world is at your feet
Just walk the path you choose
Hold your head up high

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what is it I’m trying to do here?

“your poetry is beautiful”

“you should be proud of yourself”


If only I never hid away.


If only I was still 7,

then it would be acceptable.


If I had opened up back then,

I would have had people falling over themselves

to make me feel better.


But I’m a grown ass man now.


and no amount of complaining will do a da...

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Locus of Control

The question I never stop asking.

What exactly is and isn’t within my control?

The question I will never answer.

Is my fate my own?

Is destiny, a reality?


I am in control of my actions,

at least in theory.

My work ethic is mine to command,

that's the rumor anyway.


But if I were to get up and do,

would it make any difference?


I feel so exhausted from ...

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mental healthdepression

9 am.

My eyes are shut

my brains going wild

That feeling in my gut

Makes me want to be a child


I think back to yesterday

It was the very same 

I wish it would go away 

In the end I’m all to blame


My heart beats too fast

As the clock turns nine 

I’m giving today a pass

But I’ll be out of line 


Where’s the fresh start 

The one I dream about 

Even th...

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That last piece

Fighting a hundred battles, every damn single day
unable to help myself, with no one around who can aid.
Battling these invisible demons, but falling down each time
wondering how others can cope like this, or appear completely fine.
Twenty-Four years pass on and on, before they catch the cause
but it turns out that I'm not at fault, for all of my many flaws.
Today my struggles are validated,...

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Mental healthautismanxiety

Come Back to Me

You cannot change the world,

but you may be able to be an

influence in someones world.

The world is wild and unruly.

Chaotic in nature. But you

can make  a difference each

moment to feel into its texture

with your touch. It won’t be much,

but maybe it is just enough.

it is all you can do in the face

of the storm that matters.


Live it. Live it for those who can...

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mental healthlife

Your Scar


(For the girl who haunts my dreams still)


Dear Daddy,


Not that you'd care, but

All that I wanted 

was to make you proud

But, I was too stupid

Too fat

Too loud


All you ever did 

was bring me down

I was your scar

Your permanent frown


I was your verbal punchbag

In your whiskey fuelled state

Never felt like your child 

Just a vess...

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When I think of her I think of scars.


She told me when she touches them they remind her of the cuts;

of how the cuts made her feel,

“it’s a purge”, she said, “a sense of being real".

She spoke to me with honesty of the incremental cost

of destroying the things she held so dear

now irretrievably lost.

Of how, through her inner turmoil,

she could meet the gi...

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