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afraid of the dark


afraid of the dark


afraid of the dark

but only at night


brave during

the light of day


very brave


afraid of nothing

except a nest of

ground hornets

or poison ivy


at night he would


run in the dark


always afraid of

what was following


never thinking

about what might

be ahead


he did not want

anyone t...

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A fight to survive

Seeing the beautiful sky,

From my dead eyes.

Wondering the beauty in the holy night,

Dark was the only colour which helps me to hide.


Hiding my sadness my sorrows my fear my cries,

Trying my best to keep the face with smile.

My hobbies,my joy, my emotions were becoming day by day a bit fewer,

Now I am just existing in the world, can't even face myself in the mirror.



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anxietydarkdepressionfearfighthatehelplesshelplessnessnightovercomeself destructionself harmself hate

Bad Things Happen At Night

it felt off-colour from the start

somehow cold sad and needy

I was on my emotional uppers

long-time alone and seedy


bad things can happen at night

the dark covers a litany of pain

out there lurk glib wrong-doers

from stalkers to the sons of Cain


lured by your knowing eyes

I should have known better

rain was falling like stair-rods

my feet were getting wet...

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bad thingscheweddoberman pinscherlicknightsons of Cain

sad dreams

was it true,

sleep depends on tears?


to refill the well

that had dried up by day,


or to wet the lids, at least,

by dreaming sad dreams,


with that tearful hope,

had the sleep come by night?


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Tenant Of The Sea

He witnessed the rise and fall of the tides

Of the sea that seemed so milky in the moonlight.

Gloating over its graceful strides,

The rumble of the colossal sea was all he could hear that silent night.

The stars twinkled in the darkness,

And the moon in the blackness

Gazed dotingly at him and his boat,

As the decrepit carrier carted its master swiftly afloat.

How long had he been at the ...

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Can You Hear The Moon Sing At Night?

Can you hear the moon sing at night?
A distant melody from the most dulcet vocal pipes?
Have you ever nestled in her crescent bed
Like the kid in the DreamWorks emblem?
My winsome lady
Dotes on me.
Her visage,
Part amused, part exasperated.
For she knows why I've come to see her again--
To steal the roux from stars, milky and fulgent.
To hoard fragments of the night sky in my wooden ches...

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