The cold war

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The life is meaningless. 

Lost during the cold war.

The weather is cold. 

The road is long. 

The life is short. 

Can i really reach my destiny? 

The mountains were shaking.

Is it the devil or the angel ?

Were my eyes blinded with the obsession of Victory ?

Was it really the End.

Why ? And who ? Were the questions.

Was i falling in a endless pit?

The crows were cawing.

The corps were rotten.

The sun was falling.

Was it the Best choice ?

The Families were crying.

The children were asking.

The men never returned.

Could the dead come back ?

My End is near.

I hear a song.

Is it the song of death?

Will my family cry over my death ?

My pulse was slowing.

My vision was troubled.

Is This the paradise or the hell ? 

I wasn't surprised of the choice of god. 

Because this was my destiny.

#war #death #deadly #bloodshed #hope #day #night

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oussama elmanar

Fri 27th Nov 2020 17:15

Thanks 😊

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Paul Sayer

Fri 27th Nov 2020 14:09

I am welling up. From the pen of one so young, come the words of a seasoned poet.

You, my friend, are destined for great things.


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