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There's Something There...

say it was in the stars,

something supernatural led me to you.

say it was the moon

pulling my tides closer to you.


it’s something deeper

than a mere connection.

it’s something in the waiting

& it grows with our knowing.


you can’t put your finger on it.

there’s something there.

some call it ‘love’

but it digs in so much further.


it’s in our details...

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I'll Be There

Don't be afraid to get close
I understand your heart has been aching from the cold
Life can be so cruel and your heart has been scorned
But some love isnt worth remembering
Some not meant to be mourned
I'll ease your pain and hold you when you feel down
I'll touch you so tenderly
And dissipate your frown
Words can mean little
But I don't say what I don't mean
I save my loving words for s...

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Ujjal Mandal, India.

Keep your love in chain
For if love flees
Heart is a dried tree
That never hopes to feel her spirit.
Keep your love in chain 
For when love loses 
Heart is a cold statue
That never breathes out.

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love poetry

True Love

Beauty is something that I thought I knew until my eyes took yours in

Tenderness was just a thought until I felt your touch

I never knew how it felt to be complete until I held you in my arms

True love was just a wish until God brought you into my life


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The ghosts of white ravens fill the air like fragrant smoke. 
Ethereal apparitions, ever higher they serenely soar. 
Prophetic beauties, sacred creatures, declaimers of truth.
Singing a mellifluous melody, unrestrained and honey-soaked.
Poe’s melancholic elegy of his lost Lenore. 
His solitary black raven’s mournful lament. 
In requiem, these majestic corvids threnody. 
My alabaster, ivory ...

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The blue sky kissed the evening sunset
As I saw you by the window seat.
Drinking a slightly cold coffee,
My heart nearly skipped a beat.

When I open those notebooks
There are memories that I cherished.
How sweet we were looking, laughing like idiots
Who once in love had not believed.

In the winter of that year long ago
We met again when the snowflakes were falling.
It was then when w...

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Sex with the Devil

Happiness in those eyes

No more pain in those eyes

Never a lie told to me because what you got to lie for

Arms open ears turned body language focused

I got something to say and I need you to hear it but my mouth won’t speak it

If the relationship falls it’s because our love holds it up

It stops and starts our love stutters it needs some helping up

I love the unknown I need to ...

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Meet Me By The River

Meet me by the river
Underneath a starlit sky,
Where the magic of the moonlight
Is captured in your eyes,
I'll tell you what you mean to me,
And how I love you so,
How you and I are meant to be,
My heart eternally aglow.

Lay with me into the night until
the light of dawn,
As songbirds come a singing
as they do with each new morn.

You are to me the sweetest rose
whose petals embrac...

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Broken Heart

What do you do when the person that once brought you love brings you nothing but pain.

What do you do when the person you gave your heart too took it and threw it away. 

What do you do when your heart beats so fast it feels like it is coming out of your chest.

And the love you once had starts to change into tears and hate.

And that person that once brought you comfort and made you feel...

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We need a sense of the unity of life and of humans for the sake of human welfare and for the survival of the planet. We need a sense of unity with the cosmos so that we can connect with Reality. But we also need a sense of individuality, for the sake of our own dignity and independence and of the loving care for others. We need it to appreciate each natural form, each animal and plant, each human ...

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Entirety (The Whole)

The sights of ourselves still shape us to divide,
immediate response to the craves and madness,
we feel the way we feel but tonight it's you inside,
burried in the senses out of the lightness.

And days are still days but the trouble collides,
for all the reasons we chose not to revile,
and all our fears, childlish alike,
echoing through our minds, rejecting denial.

Stay where you are a...

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Chalk Initials

Love is in the air forecasters say
at first blush, be that as it may
chalk initials in handpicked tins invoke remembrance by paving ways
palms supine scribed with written in lines tie sanskrit signs
significance is found in the now
springs and gears ticking time
as faeries grant blessings shifting through a lovers parade

Concurrent reminiscence written on akashic pages taking turn
Books ...

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John No More

John No More - Poem by Marie 

I stood at the door freezing cold waiting my man
icy snow blinded my view I see nothing
he will not come, he is gone but to where? 

John, oh my john, please love return to me
I love you why are you blind why don't you come? 
john my love return to me at this hour now
your coldness is so unkind you forgot me how? 

children play and laugh passers by say hi

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love poetry


And tides are still the same as they were,
fluid numbers, one piece in folded milions,
telling us why we all need to reach the bottom,
embracing drops of broken brilliance.

Wait until it all comes down,
your whispers rest in front of the broken Avalon,
inside our shell is something we all found,
blue-red pictures reflected by the dawn.

And tides are still the same as they were,

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