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The blue sky kissed the evening sunset
As I saw you by the window seat.
Drinking a slightly cold coffee,
My heart nearly skipped a beat.

When I open those notebooks
There are memories that I cherished.
How sweet we were looking, laughing like idiots
Who once in love had not believed.

In the winter of that year long ago
We met again when the snowflakes were falling.
It was then when we promised to come back
Whenever the other was calling.

Year after year to fulfil our promise
We stayed beside each other like in a fairy tale.
As we waited for the snowflakes to fall
The cold tried it's best to make us pale.

Love is practice but youth is dreamy
But we got our answers from the star.
I have never been afraid since that winter
Because you held me tight even when you're far.

The snow is falling from the twinkling sky
But your warmth is making me melt.
Love came without any reason the moment I met you
And deep inside I liked how it felt.

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Rainy Kar

Thu 26th Nov 2020 19:35

thank you for the advise😍

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Anmolpreet Kaur

Mon 27th Jul 2020 16:22

Love is a great emotion.
Cherish it with all your heart.


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