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A Year Ago, Tomorrow

“De Temps En Temps,” by Josephine Baker. That’s what I was listening to. Funny now to think I'd ever forget how it felt, something like that. 


Alone and facing my death in a stranger’s beach house, next to a dark, cold, ocean in the dead of Winter.


I ate Dove chocolates and soaked in a warm bath with bubbles to the brim, and listened to “De Temps en Temps,” while lifting a razor to...

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The Violence Now of Miss Anthropocene

The sound of “Violence”

I can feel it



Weight in

My stomach


Standing on

The ledge, again


Don’t move

Don’t slip


The poison running through

My veins, I feel it

Hurting me, helping me


Smells of

Pink plastic wig

Pretty pink perfume 



Make me pretty

Don’t let me

Lose me


Pray to God I don’t

Lose th...

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cancerfree versesurvivor

Lucky Girl

i am a lucky girl.


just recently i read that

on average

people take around 24,000 breaths 


in between words

and laughs 

and running late to their jobs.

today i watched an old

PJ Harvey concert on tv

she was singing and

screaming and


all over the place-

it was great

i bet i took a thousand breaths 

just sitting there watchi...

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