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the passing of a king


it is a drear evening

a barren table

would-be sculpting in the varnish

drifting lights

sinking through an open window


my son is leaving


i sit and watch the fire

as embers

turn to ash

are seen no more


soon we’ll say farewell


i remember how when young

he’d run and jump on me

i’d hug him

kiss him

treat him like a king

as any lov...

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carver of a tree


one night

i met a wandering likeness

of myself


its hand stretched out before me

and beckoned me to stay


i wavered




then as i saw the hand recede

from the tree where it had slaved

i saw my life

carved out before me


for a while

i merely stood

and stared


then as i turned to walk away

i looked back

toward ...

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the night



and alone

i gaze into the darkness

of approaching




specks of light

begin to glimmer



i start to feel

their distant call



for a while

i sit

and stare

and wonder


all at once

a pain cuts through my head

i languish

cry an air of loneliness


why am i apart

why am i still here

why am ...

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