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One More Week Gone In A Blink.
Stares Off Reflection…….
Am I Still The Same?
It Reflects The Grimacing.
I Think My Nightmares
Are Trying To Prepare Me.
Anticipating My Bones
Before They Mold,
One Day Wake-Up Old.
I’m A Week Today.
Never’s A Blink Away.
I Think In Nightmares……..
Am I Still The Sane?
It Reflects The Grimacing.

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Cannibal JonesPool

The Tranquil Pool

Have you ever gazed into a tranqil pool?

its calm and cool, deviod of the haste and struggle.

a ripple can disturbe its calm and somehow only make it more beautiful.

life above it, below it, around it, in it. and it says ever still.

i chalenge you, find that in your citys and your towns.

weve disturbed that tranquil pool. and lost what we did not know we ever had.

... I want it b...

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She looked all of a rock goddess in her black vest,                                                                                          

grey skin tight leggings and loose brown hair.                                                                                               

Bent over the pool table doing her shot,                                                   ...

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