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The Swim to Victory (Poem)

As I swim in the deep cold blue,

Beneath remains squids, sharks, stingrays

And 30 feet deep. 

I stay focused on the sandy shore,

About 500 meters away, 

As the current comes sweeping my way,

I gasp for air, 

In these 10 feet waves,

From the shoreline grace,

Completely focused on my destiny,

Completely focused on my victory,

I’ve pulled through in my mind, 

So be...

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Harmoniously With the Divine (Poem)

The more I separated from the divine,

I was clouded by the misty wall.

The misty wall was all I could see,

Without your lenses through the deep.

The more I pursue despite the lies,

I can see you and me harmoniously. 

As long as you’re here with me,

There’s nothing and nowhere I cannot be.

And as long as you’re here with me,

I can just be,

Conquer mountains

In front...

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Overcoming and Thriving (Poem)

Without mountains to shake us deep,

We are merely sheep wondering in the field, 

Merely existing but not living, 

On flat ground as we wonder around. 

No opportunities to strive for,

No burning desire to reach for,

No journey, 

Merely existing, wondering around,

With no desire to strive for.

We condemn what unfolds the journey,

And condemn what creates triumph,

In ...

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A Simple Life Process (Poem)

Though we reunite on special days and occasions.


Laughing and catching up on old days.


Some born, some pass away, 


To another world watching over us, every day.


Though we cannot fathom the very day,


Where one will part away, 


To another world, 


And leave our place.


It is this day and age, 


We must accept,


The rules tha...

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For Every Journey There Are Obstacles (Poem)

Out of depression and sadness,


Came a desire for peace and happiness.


Out of sickness came a desire for wellness.


Out of judgment came a desire for respect.


Out of challenges and adversities,


Came a desire for victory. 


Out of all these obstacles, desires were born,


And without desire, there’s nothing to reach.


And without adversities...

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