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The tree
Leafless bony

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ðə króz ləmɛ́nt

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ðə króz ləmɛ́nt


(tékən frə́m ‘the bʊ́k ə́v crows’)


kró stǽnd ən fíld

sɪ́ŋ kró sɔ́ŋ

tú hjúmən ɪ́r

sáwnd rɔ́ŋ


koww koww koww


kró blǽk ə́v wɪ́ŋ

kró blǽk ə́v bón

kró blǽk ə́v hárt

kró só əlón


áj hǽd brə́ðər blǽk

bə́t brə́ðər blǽk ɪ́z gɔ́n

tékən báj ðə wɪ́ntər

hɪ́r máj sǽd kró sɔ́ŋ


“stick mǽn


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crowcrows of albiondeathreaperthe book of crowswinter

Winter turns to Spring

I recalled a dream
When winter's steely claw
clasped around my form
and vice-like held me.
Calmly stifling me of my senses,
numbing me of any feeling,
cramping and stamping out life.
It was a moment frozen in time.

Then I was awoken by a sound unheard.

A thawing feeling travelled first
from my inner being to the outer extremities.
A warmth began to flow through my limbs.
A glow app...

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Winter wish

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Winter had arrived
after the rain…

The sounds of their footsteps
on the softened ground
travelled gently…
Beyond the window pane…

In bed…Half sleep,
with the fresh winter light
warmly caressing his face…
Softly kissing his lips…

The artist wished for a dream…

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dreamswinterwinter wishxoanxo

Back To The Park

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Back To The Park


It’s mid July,

a summer’s day.

School is just

a memory away.

We lay on grass

and watch the sky

and count the clouds

as they pass by.

We talk of bands

we’d like to see -

Led Zeppelin, Quo,

Sabbath and Free.

Insects buzz,

a distant bark,

children playing

In the park.

You turn to me

and kiss my lips

and move in close,


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forgotten are the times

our laughs filled the air 

gone are the times

we wished would never leave 

time passes

memories fade

in blistering august 

i shiver 


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contemporaneous cold, 

in the winter of my agony 

july's heat long forgotten,

january's frost an eternal constant 

and yet 

one remembers, 

flowers bloom. 

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Give it Sweetness

I recently assembled these thoughts on coming across the poem's quotation from John Steinbeck while reading The Grapes of Wrath. I often suggested to my students the advantage to be gained by attempting an argument in opposition to what the student wished to argue. In other words, the good old Light and Dark strategy. The "Terrace" setting is Perth's main city thoroughfare, St. George's Terrace. I...

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Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Melt the snow - Reveal the dead

Free the hammer and chisel from the stone

Reveal the ground to free my head


Let me feel - Let me see - Everything stop glistening

Let the melting set me free - Budding branches on the tree

Kiss the world - Breakthrough flowers

Illuminate what’s devoured

Warm the waking - warm the growing hour - Illuminate t...

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