Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Melt the snow - Reveal the dead

Free the hammer and chisel from the stone

Reveal the ground to free my head


Let me feel - Let me see - Everything stop glistening

Let the melting set me free - Budding branches on the tree

Kiss the world - Breakthrough flowers

Illuminate what’s devoured

Warm the waking - warm the growing hour - Illuminate the ivory tower


Change the white sheets which make the bed

With colors - greens - yellows - blues and reds

Let me hear the swallow or robin song

Cold away to the northernmost edge - be gone


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<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 5th Jan 2018 16:18

Good question 220. I think it would be a useful tool but only if the 'counter' is seen by the individual who posted the poem and not everyone in general. Otherwise it might become a rather unfair and unofficial competition of who is or isn't the most popular poet! That would also sit uncomfortably with the idea of community encouragement that Write Out Loud seeks to foster. Whether or not it is possible to do I'm afraid I couldn't say. One for the WoL tech team to ponder?
All the best, Colin.

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Fri 5th Jan 2018 11:22

As always (Perhaps I should state it more often) thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Is there a way to know if someone reads a person's work unless there is a like or comment left? They are kind of like the only footprints on your page.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 4th Jan 2018 20:03

and so say both of us and so say both of us!


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