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It's a concentration of atoms, that in the air converse with one another.

And then those bits become molecules. 
They create my table.
My computer.
And in some ways, my ability to type and write and eat ramen at the last hour of the night.


And they make

That smokey woody herbal floating aroma that reminds me of the witchcraft shop down the street of where we used to live.


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In Your Arms

In Your Arms

In your arms is my favourite place to be
Our body's intertwined
Fitting together perfectly
Like neighbouring jigsaw pieces
Now I've found my missing piece
I am complete

When I'm in your arms my heart can't stop smiling
I'm floating on cloud nine
And I hope you will always be mine
When I close my eyes as we kiss
I never want to open them again
It feels euphoric and I ca...

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The First Time We Met

The First Time We Met

The first time we met I said "maybe I shouldn't have done it"
You said "but nothing bad happened did it?"
I thought "not yet", but my gut feeling was that you were different
And I got butterflies in my stomach

Our relationship is still very new
But already I can't imagine my life without you
We see each other almost daily
And you call me your pretty lady

I don'...

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I had that dream again...

I had that dream again...

You and me dancing on some random beach.

 I felt your hands on my thighs,

moving me gently with your warm eyes.

You were looking at me like if it was the first time, 

the first time of holding me with your warm hands. 

I remember it clearly now.

My head was resting on your chest,

I know you were smelling my hair and

playing with it just like y...

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Next Years Model

Next Years Model


She smiled a permanent beguiling smile

And welcomed me with open arms

I kissed her cold red lips

And stared deep into her black eyes

Ran my fingers over perfect curves

Licked her and prayed she wouldn’t rust


I felt the steady pulse of her beat

Charged to the max

Until her age

Caused her to drain away

More quickly than I wanted

And she ...

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I take a big breath

should I just jump in?

The water might be cold

it may pull me under

I've been here before

got my feet wet

Then I shook my head

and ran

It was too scary

too final

Sometimes it feels safer

not to know

But then the curiosity 

weights down my heart

So here I go

going to try to jump in

This time...

with both feet.


By Lynn Ha...

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What To Do After You've Participated In A Threesome

The feeling of

having just finished

a threeway


non-mapped islands

You are now in a bed

with two naked


that don't immediately fade 

And no one

explains the common courtesy

of getting some food

After performing what's known as an

Eiffel Tower.

We throw ourselves

out to sea

With minimal knowledge

of the breeding grounds of tropical fish


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When We Were Seventeen

You asked if this was okay

But I didn't have the heart to tell you the truth

didn't possess the words to say 


this is so much more 

It just didn't seem to roll off my tongue the way mine rolled over yours

There wasn't enough time to explain the feeling of innocent euphoria I experienced with you 

No way to begin to illustrate how you made me unravel at the seams like lillie...

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Sexual immorality

are you really interested?
I play hard to get 
but my heart is set
I want you dead 
enjoy my curves
then taste my curse
are you really interested?

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A star collapses

She speaks up for the thousandth time,

when it's easier to keep quiet.

A star who says what's is in her soul

when you respond with your mouth.

A shard of silver pain in her heart.

But they have no idea.


You say the first thing in your head,

collapse her nebulous boundaries.

She’s a people pleaser, easily moved

by those who would like her to fall.

A nebula that ca...

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