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Under the bridge

The winds of change are blowing over the hills and storm clouds gather with momentum

For a moment we stand on the bridge

And look at the torrent below us

We observe the destruction caused by the gale

Before taking shelter under the bridge

Like transients we pick meat from a carcass

On a polystyrene tray

I dream of the archer and Aphrodite

Making out to the sound of tubular ...

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Aphroditearcherrape fieldssummers daytransientstubular bellsvanillawinds of change




When I am a sculptor, famed

in the shadow of Moore or

Hepworth, I shall fashion

in black marble an image of eternity;

Aphrodite shall dance a slow pavane

without her customary passion, and

shall shine within the foaming waters

of this brutal and ungodly Earth.


Chris Hubbard




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When Calypso met Sappho- A free verse poem (explanation included below)

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She was half-drowned

after throwing herself off the cliffs

into the waters surrounding the Isle of Lesbos,

a mythical land I could never reach

even with the stride of a Titan.

Lungs still filled with liquid cries to Poseidon,

my dolphins found her on a bed of sea moss,

foreign oils lost to the ocean,

carried her on their silver backs

to Ogygia, my paradise prison.

I l...

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Aphroditefree verse poetryGreek MythisolationloveMythologyrelationship breakupsex and sexuality

The Epitome of Aphrodite

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This riot doesn’t subside, just because you wish it

Sometimes we need a medium just to take the trip with.

You think that you’re equipped with all the right equipment?

I’m thinking that you’re tripping, and this is all a figment


Of your imagination, try to stick with being grounded

Founded in this new creation, you and I are quite astounding

Please re-main calm, intense plea...

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If fruit juices be the juices of love,

make mine black cherry and strawberry.

Both these delicious flavours must have aphrodisiac

properties that Aphrodite would adore as she lies on her

back with her legs apart, imparting her fragrant breath

to my parched lips as my hips pump my love into her.


Venus in furs might prefer unsweetened lemon and lime

to compliment her primal...

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